6 Best Commuter Bike Helmets Reviewed 2020

You may not ride through dangerous cross-country or mountain trails or join the Tour de France, you may use your bike just to get to and from work or school, but you should still be looking out for your safety. Being a commuter cyclist shouldn’t mean you can just get mediocre equipment for your daily … Read more

Best Handlebar Tape Reviewed 2020

Your control of your handlebars significantly dictates how well your riding experience turns out because they play a substantial role in the comfort, aerodynamics, and handling of your bicycle. It’s essential, therefore, that you invest in high-quality tape to wrap around your handlebar. Not only will the tape give your bike a fresh look and … Read more

5 Best Bike Cleaning Kits Reviewed 2020

Riding on rough terrain will almost always lead to a muddy and grimy bike, but having a dirty bike doesn’t always mean it’ll get cleaned up right away.  It’s dangerous to neglect cleaning up your bike that has grime and dirt covering its crevices and vital moving parts. The debris will eventually affect its performance … Read more

7 Best Garage Bike Racks Reviewed 2020

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6 Best Cycling Rain Jackets Reviewed 2020

If you’re an avid cyclist who doesn’t mind riding through the rain, a roadie training for an upcoming competition, or just the casual cyclist who needs to run a quick errand to town on his bike, it’s essential to carry around your trusty rain jacket with you so you know, regardless of the transitioning weather, … Read more

6 Best Bicycle Speedometers Reviewed 2020

You know you ride fast. Real fast. But how fast? The only way to know is with a quality speedometer. This review breaks down the best bike speedometers today to keep track of the speed, distance, and time you cover. TLDR – Top Pick Our top pick for the best bicycle speedometer is the CATEYE … Read more

6 Best Bike Locks Reviewed For 2020

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5 Best Bike GPS Trackers Reviewed 2020

A GPS tracker for your bike will not only help you find your way with the real-time location or track your performance progress. But, you can also use it to ensure the safety of your bike with the rise in cases of theft.  You will be able to store your tracking information and locate your … Read more