Top 10 Best Bike Brands In 2021

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If you are reading this write-up, chances are that you are looking for the best bike brands out there in the market. The market for such brands has skyrocketed in recent years, with thousands of suppliers online.

If you are a cyclist, you would want to settle for the best brand. Again, the right brand should be in harmony with your body shape and experience. Here, in this piece, we will introduce you to ten different brands for your selection. 

We hope the information will remain resourceful in looking for the suitable bike brand that matches your preferences. Let us dig in:

1. Giant

Giant bike manufacturing company, whose headquarters are in Taiwan, began its operations in 1972 with King Liu. By then, the company was only a frame manufacturing subcontractor for different bicycle brands.

In 1981, the company expanded its visions to manufacture models besides developing frames for other brands. By 1987, Giant produced CADEX carbon-framed bikes, which is a leading technological advancement that is now an industry standard. 

Even better, by 1997, Giant being among the best bike brands, came up with a road bike that uses compact geometry. It features the smaller rear triangle and sloping top tube. The Giant Company owns the raw materials, hence they control the process from the start to the end. 

Giant is a flexible bike manufacturer that carries the interest of all genders in mind. In 2008, they came up with a brand that accommodates the female body. Later, the Giant Company began to manufacture 27.5-inch wheel bikes to the market. 

One of the most popular bike models is the Defy Advanced 3 Hydraulic bike. The bike has carbon frames and a fork. The user will enjoy the upright position while utilizing hydraulic disk brakes. 

Besides, the Giant has another model that can be best for value. It is XTC Advanced 29 3, which is lightweight and uses tubeless tires. It is useful when riding down the road to the cross-country ruck. 

2. Specialized

Specialized is a company that thrives on innovation. The company began in 1974 when Mike Sinyard sold his vehicle to buy spare parts from Italy. The first Specialized product was a road tire that came out in 1976. 

Nike teamed up with the bike frame builder Tim Neenan to produce a full-fledged mountain bike in 1981. They did it in mass production, which led to a new sport to thousands of cyclists. 

In 1993, Specialized introduced a four-bar suspension system, which increased in popularity. Later in 2003, the bike manufacturer introduced intelligent shock technology, which improved its different models’ performance. 

Today, Specialized is commanding the market with two-wheeled products. Most importantly, there lacks a sign that the company is ready to slow down in innovation. It updated the future-shock and the head tube shock to enhance the performance. 

Some bikes use SWAT storage systems. It eliminates the use of backpacks or filling the pockets. The cool thing is their brands remain lighter and stronger. 

Among its popular models is the S-Works Roubaix. Such a bike utilizes the future shock technology to suspend the rider while riding over a bump. Another exciting model is the S-Works Venge. 

It is responsive and lighter, with unmatched comfort to give you the best riding experience. The only con is it has high prices, although the benefits are worth the top dollar.

3. Trek

Trek is a Wisconsin based company that deals with bicycle production. The company began its operations in 1976. However, the first mountain bike surfaced on the market in 1983, while the carbon fiber models followed years later. 

By 1990, Trek enlarged its vision to accommodate kids and hybrid bikes. The company has been supporting female cycling when it introduced women’s design bikes in 2000.

Since then, Trek bike is available in more than 90 nations, which is a huge network. You can place your order from online shops.

Trek Company enjoys a range of different models to accommodate different ages and sizes. You must understand your need for you to settle for your best bike brand that matches your expectations. 

Trek is never behind in implementing the latest technology to make their products at per with their competitors. The tech-savvy community appreciates the latest innovations to ensure that the user maximizes the experiences with it. 

Trek has various models that come with unique features, which makes it hard to beat in the market. One of the most common bike models is the Trek Fuel Ex option. It is a carbon-framed bike that is fit for racing and other sports. 

Another interesting model from the Trek is the Superfly. It is also carbon-framed and suitable for participation in cross-country races. The bike is light; hence you will ride along effortlessly. It is the right option for both women and men. 

4. Diamondback

Diamondback has a long history of producing durable and high-quality bikes in the market. It was a popular company that began manufacturing BMX, but it currently produces nearly all the models.

Interestingly, Diamondback came up with a unique approach that scores exceptionally on pricing. As such, it is the right option for beginners. Finding the product is only on online platforms. The company does not have a chain for distributors. 

While buying the Diamondback bikes online, you do not have to worry about the size. There are chart tables that assist the user in settling for the right size bike. It is a high-quality component that will help you to perfect your desires. 

Diamondback came produces high-quality and durable components. The user will enjoy an excellent frame warranty that takes effect after the date of purchase. Precisely, the frame warranty is a lifetime offer. 

Whenever you encounter issues, you can contact the local bike shop to fix the problem. Even better, the Diamondback bikes are ever durable, and the chances of using the warranty are minimal. 

Some of their best product is Diamondback Overdrive 29er Hardtail, which is affordable and reliable. The product is lightweight thanks to its aluminum construction. 

Another favorite mode is Diamondback Insight 2 that can deliver outstanding performance. It can be the best alternative if the user wants to achieve fitness goals. The prices are reasonably affordable. 

5. Cannondale

Cannondale began its operations in 1973, when it was only dealing with bike accessories. Interestingly, Cannondale was the pioneer company to produce a bicycle trailer. Later, they followed up by introducing a canvas bag. 

In 1983, Cannondale began to produce innovative frames that come from aluminum origin. They were larger frame tubes that are stiff hence efficient for the bikes. By 2004, the company added more innovations to its frames by introducing carbon in the frames. Such a design increased the performance of these bikes. 

The engineering mindset of this company is the most significant contributor to its success. The Cannondale Company produces the best bikes for cycling and participating in a different competition.

Accessing products from this company is a walkover. The company provides items with physical and online stores that sell its products locally and beyond the borders. The products come with a long warranty period to handle any flaws. 

The most popular brand from the organization is the Cannondale Topstone. The product is suitable for cycling races and other errands in case you want to improve on fitness. The bike is versatile, and all genders can use it effectively. 

6. Pinarello

Pinarello entered in the world of bikes as early as 1952 thanks to the founder Giovanni Pinarello. In 2010, the company entered a partnership with Team Sky to further its operations in the industry.

Pinarello bikes will suit a range of needs to multiple riders. Their bikes come with a better combination to meet the needs of climbers, sprinters, and so on. You can ride over different terrains comfortably. 

This Italy-based company produces the best bike brands that serve you extensively. They come at different prices to suit your needs. Technology is what motivates their products. They use the best technology, such as high-tech suspension systems, to enhance comfort while riding over mixed terrains. 

The Pinarello bikes operate in more than 40 nations across the world. Purchasing them involves placing an order through online platforms. The durable aluminum construction is lightweight, thereby giving them a lifeline and longevity.

If you are a racer, then Pinarello bikes fit into the bill. The flexibility of purposes makes them user-friendly. If you are a professional, then Pinarello bikes handle your needs accordingly. 

One of their popular bike products is Pinarello Dogma F12. It has improved aerodynamics and greater stiffness to cruise through multiple terrains. 

Another product is the Pinarello Gan, which provides a luxurious platform for the riders. It has an asymmetric frame that has proper stiffness with easy-to-fit options. 

7. Bianchi

Bianchi is an Italian product that dates back to 1885. Such products’ mass production is currently in Taiwan, while the Treviglio factory does the same moderately. The brand has a flock of fans that makes use of their innovations to restore cycling ambitions. 

All the bikes produced by this company have an emphasis on endurance. Furthermore, Bianchi bikes accommodate different sizes of people. They are available in 9 sizes that range from 44 to 61 inches.

Uniquely, the Bianchi uses countervail technology to reduce vibration as you ride the bike. The process involves the use of structural carbon and viscoelastic resin. As such, technology cancels more than 80% of the vibration effects.

The bikes are multifunctional. They are for commuter services as well as racing. You can involve them in the fitness programs. The bikes come in different colors and patterns to suit your preferences. 

One of the Bianchi products is the Bianchi Sempre Pro, which is wallet-friendly and has aggressive geometry. The carbon frame provides stiffness to enhance stability. The bike is ideal for a newbie or moderate learners.

Again, Bianchi Via Nirone 7 is another popular brand in the making. It is also suitable for entry-level. The aluminum frame places it in the lightweight category as the decent thickness enhances the stiffness. 

The user will not experience vibration thanks to the countervail technology. It will dampen the effect until you experience total comfort while riding on unstable terrain. 

8. Scot

Scot Bikes began in Idaho in 1958. At the moment, this best bike brand produces bikes for the sporting industry, among other categories. The first model of mountain bikes came into being in 1986.

In 1889, Scot began to implement innovative technology that led to different brands that neutralized the competition heat. One of the features is the introduction of the aerodynamic bar. Some bikes’ models led to several wins in the preceding years. 

Most of the Scot bikes range from mountain bikes to road bikes. It has gravel models as a good measure. You can purchase the bikes from any registered dealer. 

If unsure, you should access the Scott website, which will provide information about where you can find the local dealer. The bike company enjoys a global market.

Well, the company treasure longevity, hence the use of durable materials. The lightweight design is an advantage to the racer since the user will not accumulate fatigue easily. 

Some of the best models of Scot are the Spark RC, which is an Olympic gold-winning bike. The bike is lightweight, with a good geometry that makes it stable. Also, it has a lightweight design and durable material construction.

There are other models by the title Genius Range. Its design is to cruise the mountains and downhill efficiently. It is among the best bike models with a pricing advantage. 

9. Cervello

Cervello produces some of the most prestigious brands in cycling. It is a Canadian brand that began its operations in Toronto in 1966. This company makes fast bikes that one can ride on any track or road.

The best bike brands from this company are suitable for participation in the races. The company aims to produce the fastest bikes in the entire world. It has both trial bikes as well as triathlon bikes. 

The company designed the bikes to be lightweight. The used materials for construction support the ideology. The tubeless tires can give you a commendable service that will ride in different terrains without further challenges. 

The brands are available in the market worldwide. Placing an order is easy. You can access particular online shops for genuine deals. The cool thing is the bikes come with a warranty for support in case of defects. 

The popular model from this company is Cervelo P3, which has numerous success stories. The bike is durable and light. It is among the fastest bikes in the market. It is the right product if you are an aggressive rider.

Another exciting option is the Phil White bike, which is also another model for the racing competition. It has durable frames and tires that will serve on different roads. As you use it, it rarely breaks down hence suitable for racing. 

10. Felt

Jim Felt is the founder of this brand in 1991. This Californian based brand is commanding waves in the market ever since its launching. Unfortunately, the sales went down in the early years until 2001, when the founder re-launched it more. That was due to a disagreement with its major distributors. 

The backbone of this brand is technology. The bikes come with Equilink-suspension systems, which is ideal in holding peddling efficiency. Furthermore, the suspension cushions the rider against shock impacts that result from rough terrains. 

The bayonet Fork Technology makes them effective triathlon bikes. Such technology improves aerodynamic efficiency and makes it stiff to survive rough handling. The bikes come in proper form to guarantee your win in any cycling competition.

The bikes favor all categories of cyclists. Whether you are at an entry-level or a professional, you can never lack a suitable brand for you. The cool thing is the bike is accessible in many outlets in different countries. 

The company has different bikes that range from BMX to cruiser. Felt is a company that craft clothes for the bikers to make them comfortable during cycling. 

Another option for sports is Endurance, which is popular thanks to versatility. The bike is excellent in performance, especially against the wind. It is stiff and lightweight. It has an anti-vibration mechanism, which is a plus to comfortability. 

Time To Hit The Road With Your Best Bike

It’s more fulfilling to acquire the right bike that meets your needs. From the above options, the best brand is the Giant option. The brand ticks all the boxes in terms of durability, innovations, weight, and comfort. The cyclists can use it extensively, hence worth the top dollar. 

However, the other brands on the list are also great and will offer exemplary services to you. When choosing the best bike brand, consider factors such as how you intend to use the bike. With this kind of information, you can then check what each brand offers in terms of quality, build, and price before making your decision. Happy cycling!

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