Best Bike Seats Reviewed For 2021

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No matter what type of rider you are, choosing a proper bike seat is essential for maximizing your comfort and performance.

There are many different options out there and it can be overwhelming to decide which one will be best for your type of riding and your unique body.

This guide will help you learn about all of the different options and components so you can make a confident, well-informed decision.

Overview For Our Top Choice

The clear winner in this selection is Planet Bike’s A.R.S. It addresses the common challenges experienced by men while cycling, without breaking the bank. It even contributes to a healthier environment!

Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- men
Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- men

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    Things To Consider Before Buying A Bike Seat

    Type Of Riding

    There’s a variety of riding styles and it’s essential to choose an appropriate seat for what you plan on doing. Otherwise, it can end up holding back or causing you a lot of pain.

    Road Biking: If you like to bike on roads, you want a seat that will allow you to power pedal. The best seat for this is one that’s long and narrow, with little to no padding. 

    Mountain Biking: Maintain biking uses a combination of crouching, standing and sitting. For this reason, a great mountain biking seat will allow you to move around comfortably by having a streamlined shape. 

    Recreational Biking: Recreational biking refers to shorter rides where you’re sitting upright on the bike. There are seats designed specifically for this that are typically very cushioned and wide set. 

    Touring: For the most comfortable ride, bike touring requires a seat that’s sort of a hybrid of a mountain and road seat. You want to have some cushion for the long ride, but it should be pretty narrow. 

    Type Of Material

    You’ll come across a wide selection of different materials while shopping for a bike seat, and it’s important to be familiar with the common ones so that you know exactly which one will be best for you.


    Lycra is a popular material for covering bike seats. It’s a common material also used in athletic wear, because it’s sweat absorbent, aerodynamic and helps to prevent chafing.

    This is a great material to look for if you’ll be riding for long periods and get sweaty. 


    Leather seats often have zero cushioning, so they aren’t going to be great for recreational use.

    However, many riders prefer leather because it will mold to your shape and create a custom fit to your body. Not to mention leather just looks classy on its own. 


    Gel is going to be a much more comfy material for casual riding. It molds comfortably to the contours of your body and provides a good level of support. Gel seats will also usually have some bumps on them for extra support of your sit bones. 


    Like leather, cotton seats won’t have much, if any, cushion and give you the freedom to move around while riding. Compared to leather, cotton doesn’t take as much to be broken in. 


    Depending how much cushion you need and how long you’ll be usually be riding for will help determine which type is going to be best for you.

    Gel Cushioning

    Gel cushioning tends to give more of a customer, fit-to-form feel. It’s going to be the squishiest option that’s great for leisure riding, but do keep in mind that it will compact and flatten out if you attempt longer rides. 

    Foam Cushioning

    Foam gives your a more pliable cushion that retains its shape much more. This would be a better option if you’re going to be on the road or just like to take longer rides because it will provide you with support without becoming too flat. 


    The rails of a bike seat are what connect the seat to the bike itself. Typically a seat will have two rails that run parallel to each other from the back to the nose.

    Depending what material the rails are made of will have an impact how much the seat weighs, the cost and how strong it is. 

    Titanium: Titanium is strong, yet lightweight material that resists vibration. It’s a great option for riding on rocky trails or roads, but it can be quite pricey.

    Steel: Steel is a heavier material but it is very strong and common. If you’re looking for something to be lightweight, this might be for you. 

    Carbon: Similar to titanium, carbon is lightweight and makes for a very smooth ride with little vibration, but again, is going to make for a more expensive seat. 

    Alloy: Alloy is a very strong material that is commonly used. It’s a good alternative to steel if you want something lighter that isn’t too expensive. 

    Size & Shape

    Everyone is a different size and shape, it makes sense to look for a seat that will fit your unique body.

    Keeping in mind the best types of seats for the type of riding that you’ll be doing, choose a seat with enough width to support the size of your sit bones. 

    If you aren’t very flexible, choosing a saddle that is a bit more rounded will be best for you. While if you tend to be more flexible a flat saddle will allow for more movement. Test your flexibility by simply trying to touch your toes. 


    The function of a cutout on the bike seat is to protect your perineum from injury. The absence of material in the middle of the seat allows for optimal blood flow and relieves pressure to the area.

    Whether or not a cutout, or just a seat with a small indent will benefit you will ultimately depend on your unique anatomy. 

    6 Best Bike Seats in 2020 Reviewed

    1. Bell Comfort Gel Bike Seat

    Key Features:

    • It’s made of memory foam with a polyester cover that remains breathable
    • Seat will lock in order to ensure that you feel stable
    • Cushioning will conform to your body
    • Contouring of the seat makes it possible to install on all sorts of bikes
    • There are firm bumps underneath the area of your butt to allay any pressure

    A good bike seat will be able to fit any bike, and can be used for any situation. The narrow shape of this Bell Comfort bike seat makes it perfect for road and mountain bikes, and has an ergonomic cut out to it to help relieve any pressure you might feel when seated.

    Touch it to feel the soft padding in the right places, padding that’s made from flex gel to cushion you even further.

    Use this Bell Comfort seat on your existing bike, since it’s sized to fit standard seat posts.

    The whole purpose of this bike seat is to help make your ride as comfortable as possible—all you need to do is take a seat. Even the bumps on the road won’t bother you.

    Don’t worry too much about installing it on your bike either, since it only needs a 14mm wrench and instructions are included for you. Not only is it easy to install, but it’s great for cyclists of all skill levels.


    • High-quality foam means that it’s comfortable to ride for long periods of time
    • The longer you use this seat, the more comfortable it will be, since the seat will conform to the shape of the cyclist
    • The seat is slim enough to make it easy to pedal even when you’re moving quickly, making it great for racers and mountain bikers
    • Elastomer suspension cushions you even when you’re riding over uneven pathways or rocky roads


    • Seat isn’t wide enough to accommodate all riders
    • The seam on the back can become uncomfortable after a while, especially if you have a bit of a larger bottom
    • Seat is made from high-quality foam, but you will not feel the foam once you sit down
    Comfort Sport Seat Black
    Comfort Sport Seat Black

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      2. Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser Gel

      Key Features:

      • Contains suspension to help with bumps and uneven streets
      • The actual seat is large and form-fitting
      • Includes dual layer gel padding to enhance comfort
      • The design makes it possible to install it on all standard models of bike seats
      • Includes a weatherproof cover that can be used within all sorts of weather

      If you’re looking for a seat option that will keep you comfortable for your entire trek outdoors, look no further than the Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle.

      This seat is designed for the sake of comfort with dual-density gel foam padding that is both soft and forgiving. You can sit on the seat if you want and never have to worry about your butt hurting.

      Take a seat on the Sunlite to feel the dual-density gel foam and the chrome coil suspension, which is made to smooth out the bumps even on uneven streets.

      Thanks to the universal design of this seat, you’re able to install it on any bike without a problem.


      • Comfortable seat with a lot of support to it, making it an ideal option for long trips
      • All riders can use this seat since it’s a larger option
      • You don’t need to worry about the comfort level, since the seat adjusts a little to your shape, while remaining firm yet soft
      • It’s possible to understand it in under five minutes without any tools


      • While this seat is definitely comfortable, you might have problems adjusting it in the most minute ways
      • The way the seat is shaped sometimes does not feel as comfortable to female riders
      • This seat is a little big, making it heavier than other options out there
      Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser Gel, Tri-color Black
      Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser Gel, Tri-color Black

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        3. Schwinn Comfort Bike Saddle

        Key Features:

        • Padding is extra-soft for more comfort
        • This seat includes coil springs to absorb shock
        • Thanks to the shape of the seat, it can be used on any bike and for any rider
        • It’s weather-resistant, so you can use it regardless of your location

        For comfort, rely on this Schwinn Comfort Bike Saddle, which includes gel for maximum comfort. Don’t forget about the extra-soft foam padding either that’s made to give you a softer surface while you ride your bike.

        This means that you can use it for longer, and can sit down when you’re going on long rides.

        The coil springs inside ensure that no matter what surface you’re riding on, the seat will absorb shock and smooth out the bumps in the path.

        You’re capable of riding along any path, and in any weather too thanks to the weather-resistant cover.

        Install this bike seat from Schwinn on any bike, and use it regardless of your skill level as a cyclist.


        • Gel padding is made to conform to the shape of your butt, making your ride that much more comfortable
        • Easy to install and can fit all types of bikes
        • Extra gel inside helps to reduce the points of contact on your butt, which keeps you feeling more comfortable
        • Great for riders of all types, regardless of your body type


        • The contour is not necessarily shaped to fit your butt, making it optimally comfortable for only a few miles
        • Raised foam may not be comfortable for all riders
        • Due to the shape of the seat, it may take some time for you to get used to it
        Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat for Men and Women, Quilted Soft Padding Bicycle Seat, Replacement Saddle Fits All Adult Bikes with Standard Seatpost, Wide Springer, Black
        Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat for Men and Women, Quilted Soft Padding Bicycle Seat, Replacement Saddle Fits All Adult Bikes with Standard Seatpost, Wide Springer, Black

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          4. Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

          Key Features:

          • Dimensions are 2.9 inches in height, 6.5 inches wide at its widest point, and 11 inches in length
          • 1% of your purchase goes directly to nonprofits helping the planet
          • Dip and opening to better support your anatomy and airflow
          • Side material made of abrasion resistant material

          For the male cyclist, you may have noticed how uncomfortable bicycle seats tend to be. Long or bumpy rides can become an incredibly painful experience.

          But this seat is specifically designed to help men enjoy the ride without having to shift around or stop. This is because Planet

          Bike has a trench- like opening, along with cut outs. That means you have some relief where it is most needed and an opening to help promote air flow.

          In addition to the obvious difference in this seat from other models, there are other features that help to make this a must have.

          The seat is designed to be incredibly affordable, as well as durable and comfortable. That means there is no need to worry about breaking your budget to get the support you need. 

          If all this wasn’t enough to consider switching to the men’s A.R.S. Anatomic Relief bicycle saddle seat is also made by a company with a great message.

          Planet Bike is aiming to get more people out on bikes to gain the health benefits from it, as well as helping the planet by avoiding using fossil fuels.

          Every purchase you make sees 1% of the money going straight to a non-profit to help protect the environment.


          • Flexible base with foam padding for greater comfort and support
          • Made by a company that believes in their product and the power of cycling
          • Steel rails for durable construction
          • Weather proof Lycra material covers the seat


          • Not ideal for female riders
          • Heavy
          Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- men
          Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- men

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            5. WTB Speed Bike Saddle

            Key Features:

            • Soft shell base
            • Rounded profile for greater comfort
            • Center channel design available

            If you use a bike for your general mode of transportation, you know how much the seat matters.

            WTB speed bike saddles are designed to be used for any situation, whether on road, off road, for fun, or commuting. It comes in three styles including the comp, the pro and the speed progel.

            While they do vary slightly, all the models have the long center channel, soft shell base, and lots of padding to provide comfort.

            There are steel rails to provide you with security and durability, and a cover that will last through many rides. The shape provides you with support, while still making it perfect for men or women to use.

            There is also flexibility to the seat, without it being overly flexible and losing shape.


            • Shaped to work for all riders
            • Designed to be used for recreational use, commuting, or mountain biking
            • Steel rails for stronger construction
            • Lots of padding to keep you comfortable
            • Plenty of flexibility in the seat


            • Heavy design and exposed stitching
            WTB Speed Comp Black Saddle, 145mm
            WTB Speed Comp Black Saddle, 145mm

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              6. Fizik Arione Open Performance Bike Saddle

              Key Features:

              • Cut out opening for airflow
              • Composite carbon reinforced nylon shell
              • Wing flex technology for greater comfort
              • Microtex cover for greater durability

              Fizik’s award winning bicycle saddle seat has definitely earned its place on this list. With the design that features an open cut out for air flow, and a long center for comfort, this seat is perfect for men and women of any body type.

              You can choose different sizes to find the ideal fit, and an app by the company will help you find the perfect size for your needs. The design is made to help you distribute your weight and the materials are both durable and luxurious.

              Composite carbon injected into the shell provide you with much greater durability, and a the thermo-welded Microtex cover protects the seat from the weather.

              There is also flexibility to the seat and padding to keep you riding smoothly and comfortably.


              • Available in a few sizes
              • Helps to distribute weight to provide greater comfort and support
              • Lightweight design
              • Fit and sizing app


              • Price is higher than other models
              Fizik Antares R3 Open Large, R3, Large
              Fizik Antares R3 Open Large, R3, Large

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                Which is Best?

                When it comes to bicycle seats, in the end it will really come down to your personal needs. The perfect seat for you may not be the perfect seat for everyone. But there is a seat on this list that stands out among the rest.

                Planet Bike’s A.R.S. seat has been designed to take on the issues men have been having while cycling, while also staying affordable and trying to promote a healthier environment.

                The fact that part of your money goes to charity, and the high quality of the seat makes it a fantastic option.

                Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- men
                Planet Bike Anatomic Relief System Classic Bike Seat- men

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