6 Best Bike Water Bottles Reviewed in 2020

When you’re serious about cycling, you need a serious water bottle. Dehydration will only slow you down. That’s why you need the best bike water bottle, that will keep you hydrated and at your best. These are our favorites, plus a guide to help you find yours!

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From our reviews, the best bike water bottle is the CamelBak Podium Ice water bottle.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Bike Water Bottle

Bottle Size & Capacity

You’ll find a fair range when looking at bottle capacity. However, most range between 16 or 17 ounces up to 25 ounces. If you’re riding longer than an hour at a time, it’s a good idea to look for a bigger bottle. Think of it this way: if you’re cycling for an hour, you need to drink a full bottle of water. So if you often go on longer rides, get the biggest bike water bottle you can find, or carry a backup.

Insulating Properties

A lot of cycling water bottles are insulated, but not all are. Usually insulated cycling water bottles have a pair of insulating layers, and help to keep cold and hot drinks at the right temperature. 

It’s not a requirement, but it’s a great thing to have, especially if you ride when it’s hot out. Depending on how it’s insulated, you can keep your water cooler for several hours, or even an entire day. 

The other nice thing is, while a very well insulated water bottle might cost you a little bit more than one that isn’t, it won’t cost much more. In this case, feel free to take a guilt free upgrade to a bottle that keeps you feeling refreshed. 

Design Of The Lid & Nozzle 

The best cycling water bottles have specially designed lids and nozzles that prevent leaks. Nobody wants to stop for a water break just to see that half your water’s gone, so it’s worth looking for leak proof models. 

Make sure the lid is well sealed, leaks can come from there too. If the nozzle has a twist or pull design for when you need a drink, it’s a good bet it won’t end up leaking. If that sounds like it’ll prevent you from getting a nice, big drink, don’t worry. Plenty of water bottles offer no leak lids and nozzles, as well as a higher flow rate.

Material It Is Made Out Of

One of the first things to look at with water bottles meant for cyclists is material. Of course, you always want to be sure anything you get is food safe and BPA free. Once you can tick your box for excluding any nasty chemicals, you can weigh your options for what material you want your water bottle to be made of.

While many water bottles fall into the category or either plastic or metal, you’ll soon see that the majority of metal water bottles are made of aluminum. Plastic water bottles can be much lighter in weight. So if you’re really into picking up speed on your rides (or like to race), you might appreciate a plastic water bottle. 

They’re also easier to squeeze, which some riders prefer. This is because it feels more similar to a disposable plastic bottle. 

Metal water bottles are very durable. Even if the paint comes off after a hard drop or collision, you can bet that the water bottle itself is almost certainly undamaged. Many cyclists like how they insulate cool drinks, and knowing that it’s a piece of gear that’s really going to last. On the other hand, a lot of people prefer to avoid plastic, and choose metal instead. 


A warranty on a water bottle? Of course! Just like any other piece of your cycling gear, you want to invest in something that you know will hold up over time. 

One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting a quality water bottle is to look for one that includes either a warranty, or a guarantee. When you see either of those, you know that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product. If it doesn’t hold up, you’re not going out of pocket for a replacement if you have a warranty on your water bottle. 

6 Best Water Bottle For Cyclists Reviewed

1. Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle

Key features:

  • 18/8 professional stainless steel construction 
  • Powder coat provides gripped texture 
  • Includes standard mouth flex cap 
  • Handle built in for convenience 
  • Variety of sizes available 

This is a water bottle that you’d find very easy to take on the go. One reason for that is the nice, grippy texture on the bottle. Some water bottles are tough to grip, especially after an all day ride. But this one will rise to the occasion. It stays surprisingly cold too, which is a relief during the scorching summer. 

Seriously, it’s so well insulated you can take a drink 12 hours later and it’s still nearly as cold as when you first filled it.


  • Kept water cold all day 
  • Very easy to grip and handle while riding 
  • Nice design includes awesome colors 


  • A bit slim, would balance better if it was wider 

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2. CamelBak Podium Big Chill 25oz Insulated Water Bottle

Key features:

  • Cap lockout design to prevent leaks 
  • Double walls insulate drinks 
  • Comes manufacturer’s guarantee 
  • Flexible, ergonomic design 
  • Includes jet valve cap for better water flow 

Not everybody appreciates a stiff bottle. There’s something nice about being able to squeeze a water bottle when you’re really thirsty. This one is flexible, but still really sturdy. Another thing you’d appreciate is that unlike many flexible water bottles, this one is totally leak proof. It does a great job of keeping drinks the right temperature, but you’d really love being able to mix up protein on the go. That’s without a mess either!


  • Easy to grip and squeeze 
  • Doesn’t leak, even when mixing drinks 
  • Allows more water at once when drinking  


  • Can be somewhat difficult to clean  

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3. Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle 24 oz

Key features:

  • Innovative insulating layers for keeping drinks hot or cold 
  • Holds up to 24 oz
  • Flexible yet durable build 
  • Eco friendly construction and manufacturer 

This is a great water bottle, and since it’s entirely eco friendly, you’d feel great about using it too. It uses a special type of insulation, and there’s a barrier between layers to let air in and keep an even temperature.

Even better, your icy water doesn’t end up lukewarm if you leave your water bottle out in the sun. That’s because it actually has foil layers built in that deflect those sunny rays. The mouth of the bottle is wider too, which makes it easy to fill with ice cubes.


  • Very well built, won’t leak even when left open 
  • The insulation works extremely well 
  • Wide mouth design is convenient for filling with ice water 
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • Somewhat long to comfortably fit on every bike  

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4. Schwinn Bicycle Water Bottle & Cage

Key features:

  • Includes water bottle and bottle cage 
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning 
  • Cage bolt pattern works on all bikes 
  • Includes screws and bolts to attach the cage 
  • Classic silver color and design 

When it comes to bike products, you can trust Schwinn with pretty much anything. It does everything a good cycling water bottle should, and comes with some handy extras too. For instance, it comes with a cage to make it easier to carry on your bike. The nice thing about the cage is it’ll fit on any bike, not just Schwinn models.


  • Looks great, has a nice design 
  • Includes cage and screws to attach, very convenient 
  • Easy to clean and refill  


  • Would be better if it was more insulated  

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5. CamelBak Podium Ice 21oz Insulated Water Bottle

Key features:

  • Built with self sealing valve 
  • Uses special aerogel insulation 
  • High water flow rate 
  • Includes CamelBak guarantee 
  • Easy squeeze ergonomic design

Everyone knows that CamelBak produces some great water bottles and gear to keep you hydrated. The Podium water bottle lives up to high expectations. 

You can get a huge gulp right away, and have confidence you won’t be sipping sun warmed water. It’s got an extremely comfortable, ergonomic design too. Of course, it comes with a guarantee too, which is a bonus.


  • Keeps water colder for longer than other cycling bottles 
  • Really high quality construction 
  • Great water flow without any leaks 
  • Holds plenty of water for long rides 


  • Pricier than other cycling water bottles 

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6. Travel Kuppe Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Cycling Sports Water Bottle

Key features:

  • Uses vacuum insulation for temperature consistency 
  • Very durable and sturdy to withstand natural elements
  • Designed to fit in bottle cage 
  • Holds up to 20 oz 
  • Built with straw and sip combo cup 

Of all the cycling water bottles out there, this is one of the most durable. It can take a ton of wear and abuse without ever showing it, so you’d feel good about adding it to your gear. Another nice thing is that it’s designed to fit perfectly in your bike’s bottle cage. 

Since some ‘cycling’ bottles don’t do this, you’ll be happy this one does. It claims to keep drinks cold for 48 hours, which is a big boast.


  • Takes a lot of wear and tear without issue 
  • Extremely well insulated 
  • Hammertone coating keeps damage from happening to the bottle 
  • We loved being able to use the straw lid 


  • Finger loop could be moved for better grip  

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Top Pick

Like any other athletes, bikers are concerned about getting quality gear that keeps them at their best. With that in mind, we didn’t include any water bottles in our reviews that didn’t impress us

That means that they have to be high quality pieces of gear, that really outperform others in their class. Of course, we had to actually enjoy taking them on our rides too. We looked at every factor in our guide, and weighed them out across the board to make our final decision.

Our top choice is the CamelBak Podium Ice water bottle. It outperforms pretty much any other water bottle across any category. In fact, the only downside is that it’s a little pricier than some water bottles. 

With that said, you often get what you pay for. This water bottle is worth every single penny. Plus, with the CamelBak guarantee, you really can’t go wrong.  

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