A Guide To The Best BMX Bikes For Kids

BMX bikes offer a fun way for kids to exercise physically. But as a parent, you might be wondering if it’s safe enough.

Worry not.

Just stay here awhile, and allow me to introduce the best BMX bikes for kids.

By the end of this article, you should be able to know which type of bike would be best suited for your child.

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How To Choose The Best BMX Bike For Your Kid

BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross, and it’s the kind of bike used for stunts and racing. If you’d just think about that for a little moment, you’ll probably realize that finding a BMX bike for your kid is almost synonymous with giving them the key to a risky ride.

But nah, many kids use BMX bikes for more “practical” purposes, such as getting themselves to school. Still, once they got the bike, you can’t prevent them from seeing other kids using the BMX to toss themselves into the air.

That said, you can always limit the risks by choosing the most appropriate BMX for your kid. And the safest, for that matter.

For that to happen, you’ll probably be obligated to check on a few factors, such as the size and weight of the bike. So why don’t we get started with that?

Check The Size Of The Bike 

First up is the size. Here’s a common-sense idea: you need to find a bike that matches your kid’s height. The more important question is, how would you know?

I know how to answer that in a straightforward manner, and that’s through a simple table down below. But before I get you looking at the table, let me discuss a few terms.

  • Frame. It’s the bicycle’s main body, holding all the other parts together. 
  • Top Tube. This one’s the topmost tube of the frame. The longer it is, the larger the frame, and the larger the bike.
  • Wheel. Of course, we know what wheels are. But wheel size is the primary factor that determines a bike’s overall height — apart from the frame size.

Size Guide

Frame SizeTop Tube LengthWheel SizeAge RangeRider Height
Mini16″ – 17.5″20 x 1 1/8″ tires4 to 6 years4’0” – 4’6”(122 – 142 cm)
Junior17″ – 18.5″20 x 1 3/8″ tires6 to 9 years4’4” – 4’10”(137 – 149 cm)
Expert18.5″ – 19.5″20 x 1.5-1.75″ tires9 to 13 years4’8” – 5’4”(147 – 163 cm)
Pro20″ – 20.5″20 x 1.75-2.2″ tires12 years and up5’4” – 5’10”(163 – 181 cm)

So, the table above says it all.

Of course, there are many other size variants (Micro, XL, and XXL), but let’s keep things simple and easy to understand for now.

Just look up the age of your kid and pick the corresponding BMX size. Better yet, check with your kid’s height since it would be the more appropriate factor.

Check The Weight Of The Bike

A bike’s weight can change everything, I mean the overall riding experience. 

Now that sounds like typical propaganda. Well, of course, there’s a general notion that lightweight feels faster and easier.

Anyway, a lighter bike would certainly be easier to pull around. Your kid could go faster on it without spending too much energy. And it’s probably a lot easier to control — but honestly, it depends on who you’re talking to.

Just note for now that lightweight bikes are generally more expensive.

On the other hand, you could spend a long time getting used to a heavier bike. If you stick around it, you can build great muscles (I mean your kid). 

Apparently, some lightweight bikes may not be that durable (we’ll talk more about this later).

So, I guess my advice would go this way: start off with a heavier (or moderately heavy) bike. When your kid has mastered cycling’s basics, plus a few tricks, stunts, and bunny hops, you can begin investing in a lightweight bike.

Consider The Child’s Skill Level

I’ve hinted on this in my closing paragraph in the previous section. What I want to add here is that you need to check if a BMX bike has parts built for its rider’s safety. Especially if your child is still a beginner.

In addition, you may want to add some safety gear your child can use for training.

Safety First, Safety Gears

If you don’t have any or all of the following yet, be sure to buy them along with the BMX bike.

  • Helmet
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Gloves
  • Neck guards
  • Goggles
  • BMX pants
  • BMX jersey

Just make sure everything fits right. Too tight or too big means being much more prone to injury. Also, you can prepare a gear bag (to put everything else into), plus a first aid kit.

Check The Durability Of The Bike

How durable a bike is would depend heavily on its parts and how the bike is used. For starters, look for quality bike frames, wheels, and breaks.

Stunt riders usually prefer steel frames since they are highly resistant to fatigue.

Meanwhile, racers like the more lightweight aluminum frames.

If your kid is already on the elite team of riders, you may want to gift them with a carbon-fiber-framed BMX bike. It could last a lifetime.

Meanwhile, a BMX wheel needs to be light enough to propel the rider further and even faster, but at the same time be heavy-duty enough to endure the impact of landing.

BMX brakes, on the other hand, need to have stiffer springs and softer compound pads for an excellent overall performance.

If you want to gain some more background about BMX bikes, you can check out this video guide.

The Best BMX Bikes For Kids – Our Top 5 Picks!

It’s time to get into our top choices for today’s BMX bikes for kids.

1. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls

Key Features

  • Frame: hydro-formed aluminum
  • Wheels: steel; with 28 hole rims
  • Drivetrain: enclosed chains; with non-slip resin pedals
  • Brakes: front-caliper and rear-band brakes

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike features 20-inch wheels in multiple colors—blue, red, pink, orange, green, and white. It comes with a kickstand, which your kid could find handy for storage purposes.

This bike’s main frame is made of aluminum, which has been hydroformed to shape a unibody that can stand better against stress.

You might expect this bike to be lightweight, but it’s not. It’s most likely because of its wheels, which are made of steel.

Note that this bike is suitable even for girls who simply like to enjoy a smooth ride (and not necessarily do stunts). In this context, I’d like to highlight the enclosed chains, which of course can help a lot with the safety of the rider. Yep, it can protect your kids’ legs from getting hurt.


  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly
  • Easy to put together
  • Includes a kickstand
  • The seat feels comfortable
  • The color is vibrant (something that kids might prefer)
  • Gives a smooth ride
  • The chains are enclosed for safety
  • Comes with a bell which your kid could find either fancy or extremely useful, depending on the situation


  • The fenders may not be that sturdy
  • Could feel a little heavier than it should
  • May have some rear reflector issues

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2. Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

Key Features

  • Frame and fork material: high tensile steel
  • Wheels: 20 inches in diameter
  • Speed: single
  • Brake: rear brake
  • Good for 6 to 9-year-olds

Diamondback has kept things simple with the Youth Nitrus BMX Bike. It’s a single-speed bike, which means it doesn’t have the complex gearing of multi-speed/multi-gear bikes.

This also makes the Youth Nitrus lighter compared to other bikes of a similar size. Yep, despite the fact that its frame and fork are made of high tensile steel.

Anyway, that makes the bike resistant to strain, breakage, or deformation.

Because of its quality build, the Youth Nitrus can feel very stable and safe to ride on. It can handle tumbles quite well, so it might be suitable for kids who are adventurous enough to practice BMX tricks at the park.

The Youth Nitrus is also one of those easy-to-assemble bikes. It could take you only 20 minutes to put the parts together. Plus, the package already includes the tools you need for the assembly.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Tools for assembly are included in the packaging
  • Lightweight overall
  • Affordable


  • The chain might come off easily from the bike
  • There might be some trouble with the back brakes after some time

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3. Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

Key Features

  • Frame: steel
  • Brake: coaster brake
  • Adjustable seat
  • Recommended for: ages 6 to 10; up to 105 lbs of weight
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty on frame and fork

If you want to level up your kid’s experience a bit, you may opt for the Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Bike. It’s equipped with an adjustable seat, so your child can easily modify its height whenever the ride calls them to.

This Dynacraft BMX also features a rugged frame in red and black paint—a design that can easily attract boys.

With a coaster braking system, this bike offers a more solid control during the ride. It can provide comfort, too, as the saddle comes with a padding.

For parking convenience, Dynacraft has equipped this Magna Throttle with a kickstand. And, in case your boy loves to hop in for rides at night, this bike’s front and rear body reflectors can easily provide improved visibility.


  • Easy to put together by yourself (just assemble the pedals, seat, handle bar, and front wheel)
  • Its steel frame is highly durable
  • Feels sturdy
  • Can handle crashes well
  • Doesn’t feel heavy
  • Value for money


  • Can’t accommodate training wheels
  • The kickstand might be hard to maneuver
  • The instructions may not be that easy to understand and follow
  • Could be too big for a 7-year-old

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4. Mongoose Legion Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids (Legion 16)

Key Features

  • Frame and fork: Hi-Ten (high tensile) steel
  • Crank: forged steel
  • Brake: rear alloy U-brake
  • Top tube length: 427mm
  • Stand-over height: 515mm

Designed for entry-level riders, the Mongoose Legion 16 Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike could be a good choice for riders who are 3’6” in height or under. Its aluminum alloy rims offer durability and lightness, while its forged steel crank provides a reliable drivetrain.

This bike comes with a Hi-Ten or high tensile steel frame, which means this bike can be strong enough to stand against tumbles.

With an aluminum U-brake, the Legion 16 bike can provide crisp stops, which can make your kid feel more in control during a ride.


  • Reasonably easy to put together (just add the handlebars, pedals, and front wheel to the pre-assembled frame)
  • Thick tires
  • With reasonable weight
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Great value for money


  • Pedals are plastic, which might break over time
  • No pegs included
  • Might weigh too heavy for a 6-year-old boy

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5. Mongoose Legion Sidewalk Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids (Legion 18)

Key Features

  • Frame: Hi-Ten (high tensile) steel
  • Top tube length: 16.9 inches
  • Brake: aluminum U-brake
  • Suggested rider height: 3’8” – 4’8”
  • Wheelset: aluminum rims; 18 x 2.3-inch tires 

If your kid wants to experience how it is to ride a 20-inch standard BMX bike but hasn’t reached the recommended height yet, the Legion 18 bike could be a great option. It should be suitable for kids who are at least 3’8” tall but not taller than 4’8”.

Like the Legion 16 above, the Legion 18 also comes with a high-tensile steel frame which, again, provides durability and reliable support. Meanwhile, its top-tube length is longer at 16.9 inches.

The Legion 18 bike features an aluminum U-brake, which is quite the standard among freestyle BMX frames. It can also provide a more precise speed control.

With a Hi-Ten steel handlebar and fork working together with an integrated headset, the Legion 18 can provide your child maximum steering performance.


  • Easy assembly
  • Great for starters
  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy build
  • Feels solid


  • Might be a little too heavy
  • May not come with a wrench
  • Might come to a hard stop (hence a helmet would be useful)

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Final Thoughts On Buying Your Child A BMX

So far, we’ve looked into 5 of the best BMX bikes you can buy for your kid. And here’s a quick list of why you might want to consider purchasing one now:

  • Adventure: BMX bikes are great for freestyle and adventurous rides, whether it’s in parks, playgrounds, or on the streets.
  • Practicality: Your child can cycle to school safely using a BMX bike. 
  • Health: If you want your kid to become more physically active, bikes are an attractive option for them.
  • Bonding: Even adults can enjoy riding a BMX bike (the adult size, of course). Each family member can hop on one and go on a trip to the nearest children’s park for a Sunday picnic.
  • Mastery: If you want to support your child’s dream in the sport of BMX racing, you might as well give them a kickstart while they’re young. The earlier they begin practicing, the easier they can master their biking skills.

Indeed, BMX bikes can provide your kid a fun and exhilarating ride. Plus, these bicycles are built to handle crashing and tumbling, which makes them suitable for beginners and sports enthusiasts alike.

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