My 6 Best BMX Bikes Reviewed in 2020

BMX riding is almost immeasurably enjoyable. If you’re like us, you want top notch gear at a value price. That can seem like a tough order to fill, unless you have the inside info on the best gear.

We’re here to show you what to look for in a good freestyle bmx bike, and we’ll take you through our reviews of some of the best bikes on the market.

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BMX Bike Buying Guide

Before we get into the reviews, it’s best we have a chat about the types of BMX bikes available and how you can decide on which is best for you.

Freestyle VS Race 

Freestyle bikes are designed to take the impacts of tricks and stunts. Because of that, freestyle bmx bikes are typically made with heavy duty steel frames.

They may not include brake mounts, or have removable brake mounts. They can easily take ramps, stairs, rails, and concrete without issue.

Race bmx bikes are designed to help riders achieve optimal speed, especially on dirt bmx racing tracks. Since they aren’t designed for stunts, but rather for speed, they have lightweight frames.

The frames are typically constructed from aluminum, which is tough yet also lighter than steel frames. 

Parts Of The Bike


The frame is truly the central piece of the bike. BMX bike frames are made from different materials, although aluminum, steel, and Chromoly are the most common.

While aluminum is lightweight and ideal for racing, hi-ten steel and Chromoly are better suited to freestyle bmx riding. While hi-ten steel is heavier, it’s also less costly. Chromoly is just as strong and lighter than steel, making it a great choice. 

Parts Of The Wheel


Standard BMX bikes have tires that are 20 inches in diameter, and thicker than the tires on regular street bikes. Some larger tires are available for taller riders, however.

Wider tires have the advantage of greater grip, which is important when off road riding and doing stunts. 


The rim is the metal circle that holds the tire, and dictates the tire circumference. Steel was used in the past, although newer bikes use either aluminum or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is usually reserved for more serious racing bikes. 


Spokes maintain critical tension between the hub and rim, and are hooked through the wheel and axle. They help move power from your legs to the wheel and reinforce the wheel itself.


The hub houses ball bearings that rotate around the axle cased within. The spokes of the wheel connect from the hub to the rim. 


While some professional riders may remove their brakes, bmx bikes often have only rear brakes. Front brakes can be unwieldy when you’re doing a stunt, but many parents prefer to find front brake bmx bikes for younger riders. 


Handlebars come in a variety of sizes, although many times women prefer more narrow handlebars, while men often prefer a wider set. When it comes to this piece of your bike, it’s best to get a feel for yourself. 


Naturally, if you’ve ridden a bike you know the pedals are what connects to, and moves the chain, which then moves your wheels. You should be able to smoothly spin your pedals with relatively little noise or resistance.

When you move your foot across the pedal, you should feel a slight grip. If your foot slides or sticks too much, it’s time to change your pedals out. 


Saddle is a more technical name for the part of your bike that ends up carrying about half of your weight: the seat.

It’s important to look for a comfortable saddle, with sufficient padding, especially if you take longer rides. Freestyle bmx bikes have a variety of saddle types, although the narrower the seat, the more likely it’s preferred for racing. 


Gears determine how quickly the chain and wheels, and as a result, your bike, is able to move. While having more gears won’t necessarily make you go faster, you will have more ‘in between’ levels for choosing the most comfortable speed when you shift between gears.

While multiple gears are more popular for sport bikes, such as mountain bikes, street bikes often have only a single gear (with a set range it can handle). The exception is trail bikes, and sometimes bmx bikes.

That said, professional riders on single speeds often still change out their single gear to fit their purpose. 

Additional Factors To Consider

Aside from the parts that make up the bike itself, there are a couple other important things to factor into your choice. Here’s what else to look at:

Height Of The Rider

The height of the rider is important when selecting a bmx bike. However, you also need to know a thing or two about correctly sizing your bike.

First, it’s true that 20” wheels are most common for bmx bikes, although other options are available.

In fact, wheels are the most important aspect of sizing your bike. 20” wheels are best for riders between 4’10” and 6’4”, making them suitable for most adult riders, and children around 11 or older.

18” wheels are preferred for riders between about 7 and 10 years old, or between 4’ and 4’10” in height. For riders up to 7 years, and between 3’7” and 4’, 16” wheels are best. 


Here’s the thing about budget: it can really weigh heavily on your choice. Budget shouldn’t be too much of a concern for a beginner level bike, although the bikes do get more expensive as you go up in intricacy and skill level. 

Reviews For My Top BMX’s

Now you have a clear understanding on what to look for, you can use these reviews to make an informed buying decision.

1. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike

Key Features:

  • Includes front and rear brake, as well as brake lever 
  • Wide 2.4” tires with extra grip and unique tread 
  • High quality TIG steel construction 
  • Available in all major wheel sizes: 16”, 18”, and 20” 
  • Comes with kickstand and training wheels

This is a great bike for aspiring young freestyle riders. It also has enough wheel size options (from 16″ to 20″), so that there’s an option for every age.

Don’t worry if you’ve got a really young rider; this bike also comes with training wheels just in case they want to start their bike career all at once.

The chain guard looks as cool as the tricks they’ve seen on tv, while keeping tangles and snags from causing a collision. Another nice feature is the brake lever. Not many bmx bikes include this, since it’s often used for kids, but that’s what really makes this bike ideal. 


  • Tires give plenty of grip, and hold air very well 
  • Really easy for young riders to start on 
  • Sturdy steel frame stands up to plenty of wear and tear  
  • Fairly easy assembly and instructions 


  • Heavier than some other bikes intended for young riders 

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2. Mongoose Title Expert Race Bike

Key Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame weighs 2.8 lbs 
  • Enhanced steering accuracy and stability 
  • Double wall rims house 20” wheels 
  • Cables are routed internally for neater, hassle free riding 
  • Budget friendly, affordable bike for beginners 

From the title, you already know this is a bmx bike that stands up to some tough riding. Mongoose is known for the quality of their BMX bikes, and this bike follows suit.

It’s designed for riders between 5’ and 5’4”, making it perfect for younger riders that are ready to upgrade their BMX racing game. The aluminum frame is very lightweight, and weighs in at just over 2 ½ lbs.

It’s definitely strong enough to take some real abuse, but still light enough to give riders that airy feeling when they come up to speed.


  • Remarkably lightweight, ideal for racing 
  • More budget friendly for beginning riders 
  • Sturdy, hi-ten steel handlebars are comfortable and easy to hold 
  • Steers very accurately, no over adjustment or steering compensation needed 


  • Aluminum frame is ideal for racing, though not as much for freestyle bmx riding 
  • Younger riders may need to swap out saddle for a more suitable type 

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3. Dynacraft Magna Throttle

Key Features:

  • High performance steel frame and fork 
  • Includes rear and front reflectors for safety and visibility for riders, especially at night
  • Rear coaster brakes for control 
  • Flashy red, black, and white design 
  • 20″ wheels ideal for ages 6-10 

The Dynacraft Magna can take the kind of abuse that beginning and contributing bmx riders are inevitably going to dish out. With a slick red and black paint job, it looks as cool as riders feel landing their first big freestyle stunt.

It’s also more similar to a professional style bmx bike, with only a rear coaster brake; it gives riders more sense of movement, while still allowing plenty of control.

The seat is also adjustable, and seems to be a better fit for younger bmx riders. One of the really big bonuses with this bike is the rather small price tag, meaning that bmx greatness is even closer within reach.


  • Really bold impressive design 
  • Designed more like a pro bmx bike with rear coaster brake only 
  • Saddle features more padding, and fits younger riders better  
  • Kickstand is a nice addition 


  • Assembly is slightly more complicated than with other bikes

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4. Mongoose Legion Mag

Key Features:

  • Includes 4 Mongoose freestyle pegs 
  • Fully rotating handlebars 
  • Fork and frame constructed of hi-ten steel 
  • Rear u-brakes for braking control

The Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle can instantly upgrade your skills to pro level bmx stunts (or at least give you the confidence to start executing some of those sweet tricks).

Like other Mongoose bmx bikes, this is a ride you can count on to deliver high powered performance for years to come. The nice thing about this freestyle bike is that the handle bars can rotate 360 degrees, and freestyle pegs are included too.


  • Very well built and durable 
  • Allows for more stunts 
  • Freestyle pegs are a huge bonus 


  •  Brake pads need tightening before use

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5. Kent Pro 20

Key Features:

  • Includes a freestyle rotor 
  • Front and rear brakes included
  • Heavy duty steel frame and fork 
  • Comes with pegs attached 
  • Standard 20″ bmx wheels 

For the bmx biker that’s destroyed a bike or two in their career, here’s the Kent Pro freestyle bike.

This bike stands up to some really rough wear and tear; trust us when we say few bmx bikes have lived up to (or even gotten close to) the durability this bike is known for. With a heavy duty, tig welded steel frame, you’d almost have to try and damage it.

As a plus, pegs are included and actually come on the bike. It’s easy to assemble and ready for action. 


  • Seriously durable and versatile
  • Includes everything needed for freestyle stunts 
  • Excellent design and functionality  


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6. X-Games FS20

Key Features:

  • X-Games designs visible throughout 
  • Strong steel frame and fork 
  • Grippy tires for added traction 
  • Alloy rear and front brakes  

This is the bike for the X-games enthusiast. It includes the X-Games branded saddle so riders can sport their pride, although the framing and fork design accomplishes that too.

It’s great for new bmx riders, since it also includes front and rear brakes for maximum stopping control. The tires will impress you too; they have fantastic grip, which is really helpful during jumps and landings.


  • Really great tire traction 
  • Bold X-Games design is a must-have feature 
  • Good braking system 


  • Packaging could be better 

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Which Is The Best BMX Bike?

When deciding which bmx bike to get, you need to look at what’s going to make it the best bmx bike for your needs while taking into consideration your budget. Granted, that will vary amongst freestyle riders.

However, some of the most important things to consider are the quality of construction, as well as the height of the prospective rider. If in doubt, look for a bike with multiple wheel size options, like the Royalbaby freestyle bike we included at the top of the list.

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