7 Best Cycling Cameras Reviewed 2021

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Nobody wants to miss a moment of their life, especially if it’s a once in a lifetime event. Bike enthusiasts might struggle with taking selfies during their ride, but you can still capture your experience with a great cycling camera.

Here we are going to go over all the essentials features an outstanding cycling camera needs to have. After that we’re going to give you a list of the cycling cameras we love. 

TLDR – Top Pick For Cycling Cameras

The best cycling camera we recommend is the GoPro HERO8.

GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization
GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization

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    What to Consider Before Buying a Cycling Camera

    It might be complicated to choose a cycling camera. But you don’t need to worry, because we are going to tell you all about the features that you ought to prioritize when choosing a cycling camera. 

    You want a stable camera with a substantial size and weight, which is easy to use and has a long-lasting battery. But is that it? Not even close. Let’s jump into the details. 

    Image and Video Quality

    Today, you want a camera that’s HD or 4K, why get something mediocre when you can get something better. Some cameras have 240 high frames per second, which results in 8x slo-mo. Isn’t that great? 

    This feature goes hand in hand with budget. The more you are willing to spend, the better image and video quality you will get. 

    Camera Stabilization

    Because you’ll be rolling on your bike, a cycling camera needs to be stable. Look for an action camera that has some sort of stabilization in it. This way, you will end up with a cooler looking end product. 

    The technology for image stabilization is usually optical or gyro. 

    Optical image stabilization comes with lens movers that can counteract if you are moving along a bumpy road.

    Gyro senses electronic movement and removes shakes from your recorded images. 

    Size & Weight

    Being a cyclist, both your hands will be on the handlebar, except if you’re a cyclist leisurely pedaling around your neighborhood. But then you don’t really have anything cool worthy to shoot.

    When you’re on that adventure ride, where you’ll be holding the handlebar with both hands, your cycling camera will need to be mounted somewhere. Either on your handlebars, or your helmet.

    Either way, you want it small and lightweight. Easier to use, but still capable of performing to your satisfaction. 

    Field of View

    This feature is more commonly known as focal length. If you want to cover 70 degrees around your lens, that means you need to look for 140-degrees FoV. If you see specifications for 120 degrees horizontal FoV and 100 degrees vertical FoV that means that the lens has a 10 mm focal length. 

    You need a wide field of view because you want to document as much action as possible on your tiny cycling camera. 

    Usually you’ll find 90°, 130°, and 170° PoV. The more action your lens can capture, the more vivid your videos will be. 

    Ease of Use

    This feature is important because you are moving. Your camera will be on your bike or your helmet. Basically, all you need to do is just press the record button. But you want this to be as easy as possible.

    This would be impossible to do if the button is at the bottom and you have your camera stuck on the handlebar. It would also be hard to do if the button is too small. Some cameras even come with a remote or voice activated record function.

    Your camera might come in different settings, and that may be harder to operate. One way you can overcome this is by setting it before you go on your ride. It means that each ride will only have one setting, but that’s better than not being able to press record. 

    Battery Life

    This is a no-brainer. All technology’s soft spot is usually in the batteries. You don’t need to ask for much, just for the camera to not die on you during your ride.

    You want an action packed camera with a battery to last. 2 to 8 hours should be sufficient to accompany you on your ride. The thing about batteries is that they tend to perform well at the beginning of the purchase, and then overtime runs out quicker.

    Try to look for a camera that can maintain its battery performance overtime. 


    With an action cam, viewing your end result may not be comfortable. Action cams are so tiny, manufacturers tend to focus more on the recording side of things. That’s why connectivity is an important feature to have.

    You want an action cam that can easily connect to your phone. That way you can view your recordings or even monitor the images in real time. You can then transfer and even edit on your other devices.

    Great cameras offer options to combine your clip, edit, and directly share your adventure. All without the need of a cable. Try to look for connectivity via Bluetooth, ANT+, NFC, and Wi-Fi. 

    Mounting Location

    This one is pretty simple. You can attach your camera on your helmet or your handlebar. 

    If you mount it in your helmet, the end result will be more vivid and have more feeling. It’ll be as if the viewers are the one riding through the tracks. But if you do want this, then you need to get the camera with good stabilization technology. 

    A handlebar mount will be more stable, and you won’t need to worry as much about the vibrations. But then it’ll feel less real, and the experience will not be as immersive. 

    You also have to think about the weight and convenience. Because if you’re convinced that you want to mount it in your helmet, you need to ask yourself. Does it bother you during your ride, and will it weigh heavy on your head? Consider everything before deciding on anything. 


    This feature is quite important for cyclists. Because as you embark on your adventure, you won’t know if there’s going to be puddles, splashes, or even a sudden rain. Most action cameras are already packed with waterproof features.

    They can withstand a little water. But how much? Well, we can’t know for sure until we try it out. If your camera doesn’t specifically state that it is waterproof, it’s better that you be a little proactive and get a waterproof casing for it. You don’t need to worry too much about the casing. You’re going to be riding, not swimming. 

    Storage Size

    Nowadays, action cameras come with an SD card. But not all can work with the bigger storage. 64 GB or 128 GB. Do you need big storage? If you do not document your entire ride, then you don’t really need the biggest storage. A 16 GB or 32 GB SD Card will work just fine for you. You can transfer media to your smartphone or your computer afterwards. So you can always free up your storage before every ride. 

    If you want to upgrade your storage, remember to make sure that your camera is compatible with your storage. 

    Extra Features

    Aside from the basic features of an action camera, there are also additional features you can consider. 

    Built-in GPS

    Because you’ll be cycling, an action camera with a GPS will be great for you. This won’t tell you where you are and your route, but it will note the location of where your picture was taken. You can then create photo maps from all your shots. 

    A nice additional feature that’s not the most important, but somewhat of a treat. 


    Flash on your action camera can also work as a light while you’re recording. Even though the lights may not improve your videos or be sufficient to replace bike lights, a flash is always nice, especially during nighttime, or if you are riding under dim weather. 

    There’s also a cycling camera that comes with a bike light. Now that might be interesting to have. 

    7 Best Camera for Cycling Reviewed

    Enough about the features, it’s time to check out the options available.

    Here is a list of action cameras we recommend for cyclists. 

    1. GoPro HERO8

    Key Features:

    • Bundles available
    • Capture resolution: 4K
    • Connects via Bluetooth
    • HyperSmooth stabilization
    • Time warp feature

    This GoPro version is the GoPro HERO8 in Black. It can connect to your devices via Bluetooth and has 4K resolution. The GoPro has HyperSmooth stabilization, which comes in three versions. The stabilization versions are On, High, and Boost. 

    The design is made better and smaller. It’s comfortable to hold, easy to mount, and you can access and change the battery easily with this model. As a cyclist, you will really enjoy this camera. But other than capturing your cycling adventure, it can also be used for vloggers, creators and so much more. 

    The TimeWarp feature will allow you to capture time-lapse. You can slow it down, edit clips, and speed it back up. Not only that, the connection between GoPro and your device allows you to stream whatever you shoot in real time. You can go live on social media with no hassle. 

    Speed it up, slow it down. This model also features a slow motion setting. 

    What else can it do? Well, it has a live burst feature. You can record 1.5 seconds before and after every shot to choose the best single frame. All this action, you really don’t want to miss anything. 

    Shooting at night? Don’t worry. This action camera has a Night Lapse Feature. You will definitely get clear shots. 


    • Hyper lapse feature is amazing
    • Great outdoor video quality
    • Supports voice control
    • Better compared to other GoPros


    • Difficulties connecting
    • Difficulties setting up
    • Issues with the battery and charging
    GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization
    GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization

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      2. Crosstour Action Camera

      Key Features:

      • Video resolution: 1080p
      • Display size is 2 inches
      • Weights 64g
      • 30 meters waterproof
      • Wireless remote control connection

      The Crosstour Action Camera is suitable for all kinds of sports. It has 30 metres waterproof features, which means that it’s perfectly safe to take through all kinds of splash on your cycling adventure. It produces a 14MP 1080P image quality and can shoot 170 degrees around you. Not only for cyclists, this camera will also display brilliant images when you’re swimming, diving, or even surfing. 

      The camera has a wireless remote control connection. You can connect via Wi-Fi and control the camera remotely. You can also directly edit, delete, and even upload shots straight to your social media. 

      The device is easy to mount and is compatible with all kinds of mount. It has a 2 inch display, which is not too bad. 

      In the package you will get the action camera, a waterproof case, USB cable and a rechargeable battery. They are all pretty standard. But wait, there’s more. You also get a mounting kit. One for a bicycle helmet, and the other for your wrist. Two mounting kits, can you believe that? In case this is your first time, they also include a user manual. 


      • Excellent performance under water
      • Video results is clear and as advertised
      • Produces great long shots
      • Compatible with many mounts


      • Chagrin issues
      • Fish eye mode is faulty
      • Difficult to connect via Wi-Fi

      3. AKASO V50 Pro Native

      Key Features:

      • 4K Ultra HD
      • 20MP
      • Adjustable angle
      • Wi-Fi connection
      • Time lapse

      The Akaso V50 Pro Native offers great image quality and comes with electronic image stabilization. You will get a great immersive video, which is stable. Not only that, it comes with multiple viewing angles. You can set it to narrow, medium, wide, and super wide viewing. 

      This camera connects via HDMI, but it also has built in Wi-Fi, so no need to worry about connection quality. It can easily connect to your phone and other devices. You can share your adventures on social media. The HDMI allows you to connect to your TV so that your entire family can see your ride. 

      Another glorious thing about this camera is that it comes with two rechargeable batteries. And you even get a dual charging port along with it. You will get a remote control wristband that works without a hitch. Note that the remote is not waterproof. You can also operate the camera via its touch screen. But this doesn’t work so well, the remote is better. 

      Even though the remote is not waterproof, the camera is. It can go 30 meters underwater and still produce brilliant images and video. 


      • Comes with two batteries and dual battery charger
      • Excellent video quality
      • Truly waterproof
      • Compatible with many mounting


      • Screen is faulty
      • Poor shots in dim lighting
      • Components are flimsy

      4. DJI Osmo Action

      Key Features:

      • Connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
      • Video resolution: 4K
      • Has a dual screen
      • Features 8x slow motion
      • Voice control

      The DJI Osmo Action camera is great for all types of weather. It features a dual screen so you can quickly see all the action you’re capturing. It also has multiple settings. It’s versatile and durable. For stabilization, they use RockSteady technology that allows you to capture smooth results riding over harsh terrains. 

      Video resolution is sharp. It’s 12MP, wide angle 145 degrees, and the result is a 4K HD video. But that’s just the start. This camera can also capture 8x slow motion. And with slow motion comes time-lapse. You can easily switch between settings to get the result you want. 

      This camera is waterproof and can survive up to 11 meters of water. The components, such as batteries, perform well even in cold weather, it can survive in -10℃ cold. A cool feature of the DJI Osmo is its voice control.

      In the box you will get the  Action camera, camera frame, flat & curved adhesive mount, base, battery, and finally a USB-C Cable. There are also accessories sold separately. You can get the Osmo floating handle, their waterproof case, and an osmo action battery. 


      • Stabilization is great
      • Both screens works perfectly
      • Colors are life like
      • Produces high resolution videos


      • Updates will not upgrade the app
      • Ask for a lot of permission
      • Difficult to charge battery
      DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera with 2 Displays 36ft Underwater Waterproof WiFi HDR Video 145° Angle, Black
      DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera with 2 Displays 36ft Underwater Waterproof WiFi HDR Video 145° Angle, Black

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        5. GoPro MAX

        Key Features:

        • Capture resolution is 1440p or 1080p
        • Optical sensor size: 16.6MP
        • Connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
        • Has 6 mics
        • 360 capture feature

        The GoPro MAX is another GoPro product you need to get your hands on. Other than the usual image and video footage, you can also shoot 360 degrees action and get a more immersive result. It also supports 6 mics all around the camera to capture noise. The stabilization technology is Max HyperSmooth. 

        The camera connects via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With this connection, you can live stream easily. The camera will let you live stream at 1080p. The live stream will also be saved to your card so you can re-watch it later. 

        Aside from the cool 260 feature, you can also get a 270 Pandora without having to move the camera at all. All you need to do is select the correct setting. You can also set the camera at narrow, linear, wide, or max super view. If that is not enough, this camera, just like many others, supports time-lapse they call the Max TimeWarp. 

        If you decide to go with this camera, you will be getting a bunch of things in the box. You’ll get the camera, a rechargeable battery, a curved adhesive mount, 2 lens caps and 2 protective lenses, a microfiber back, a USB-C Cable, and a mounting buckle with a thumbscrew. 


        • 360 features is amazing
        • Doesn’t overheat
        • Doesn’t freeze
        • Time lapse feature is impressive


        • Issues downloading videos
        • Complicated to use
        • Battery issues

        6. Cycliq Fly12 CE HD Bike Camera + Front Light

        Key Features:

        • Resolution: 1080p
        • Connects via Bluetooth and USB
        • Weighs 195g
        • 600 Lumen front light
        • Compatible with 22.2 mm to 31.88 mm handlebars.

        The Cycliq Fly12 CE HD Bike Camera also features and acts as a front light for your bike. The front light is 600 lumens. It also has other cycling features including a bike alarm, water resistance, and it can even integrate with Strava. Even though it has all these cycling features, that doesn’t mean it’s skimping out on the camera side of things. 

        The resolution is 1080p and it can connect via bluetooth and USB. The bluetooth connection is made for the Cycliq app and you can connect to your other devices via USB. Even though this camera features an extremely bright bike light, it can record quality images even in dimmer lighting. 

        There’s more to love from this camera. The battery will last a full 8 hours and it’s fast charging. It shoots ultra-wide angles, features a 135 degrees viewing angle, and also has image stabilisation. 

        This camera even includes safety features. It can detect and lock footage if the rider is ever unlucky enough to be involved in an accident. 

        If you fall, it’s sturdy enough to withstand the fall. It can also survive various weather conditions. And did I mention? It’s easy to mount. 


        • Bright light
        • Easy to mount
        • Great image quality
        • Display is clear even in dim light


        • Difficult to start recording
        • Mounts are not the best quality
        • Issues when updating firmware
        Cycliq Fly12 CE HD Bike Camera + Front Light
        Cycliq Fly12 CE HD Bike Camera + Front Light

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          7. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30

          Key Features:

          • Available in bundles
          • 1.75” display
          • 4K/30fps
          • Waterproof
          • Voice control

          The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is a great camera for cyclists. It has a 1.75 inch display and records in 4K at 30fps. It also comes with stabilization technology to capture your adventures. Cyclists can record their altitude, speed, position and more. The data can then be edited into their video. You can share end results with your own devices or with the VIRB app directly from the camera. 

          This camera also offers waterproof features, but it’s not the best. So it’s safe to use on the road and can withstand splashes and various levels or rain, but don’t take it diving with you. 

          Garmin is a trusted brand to produce various biking accessories, and their camera is no different. They prioritize user experience and you will get sufficient video quality. 


          • Touch screen works well
          • GPS feature is great
          • Great editing tools
          • Outstanding video quality


          • Waterproof measures have flaws
          • Limited time lapse duration
          • Bluetooth pairing is faulty
          Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle
          Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle

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            Which is Best?

            Well, that was a long list. But after going to the end of the list, we go back up to the top where the GoPro HERO8 is the best cycling camera. It is also sold in bundles, but even without the bundle it captures a great video and has amazing stabilization and extra features. The best thing is that it connects to your devices where you can easily share your adventures.

            Any camera is a great camera if you decide to love it. With this list, all the cameras mentioned are truly worth buying. So take a look, take a second look, and get the camera you love the most. 

            GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization
            GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization

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