6 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes For 2021 Reviewed

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Full suspension mountain bikes are expensive, but the good bit is that they allow you to ride on smooth surface roads and rough terrains. One advantage of having a full-suspension bike is that it soaks up all jarring bumps that would otherwise be sent to your body. It helps to reduce fatigue, therefore allows you to ride for longer with excellent comfort.

Below are things you need to know about the best full suspension mountain bikes. 

Overview Of Our Top Choice:

All the bikes are amazing, but Topyl Full-Suspension Bike is our best pick.

Things To Know Before Buying The Best Mountain Bike Suspension

Getting to pick the best full suspension bike may seem like a complicated business, not to mention the bewildering array of technology, varieties, and the terminologies around them. You need to get yourself ready pocket wise because the higher the quality, the more expensive the product. Now with your budget available, here are a few things you need to put into consideration before purchase.

Determine Your Skill Level

Full suspension bikes may be a bit difficult to ride. You may not need to be an expert, but care should be taken while biking. A thing about most full suspension bikes is that they may tend to be slower for reasons like the suspension designs.

Types Of Full Suspension Bikes

Full suspension bikes are divided into subcategories with each offering a different feature to appeal drastic requirements of these bikes.

Short-Travel Bikes

Short travel bikes have less than 120mm suspension, which provides an all-round riding performance. It has an emphasis on smooth trails and going uphill.

Medium-Travel Bikes

Medium travel bikes can tolerate both rough and smooth terrain and a further distance than the short travel bikes without the suspension being fully compressed.

Long-Travel Bikes

Long travel bikes are greater than 120mm, which makes it best for descending rough terrain even at very high speeds. They also have great control; therefore, the longer the front travel, the stronger the bike is towards dropping.

Get The Right Fit

Having the right bike size not only caters to your comfort when riding, but also it can shield you from long or short term injuries. It allows you to enjoy your riding experience. One thing about bike sizing is getting the right height of the saddle so that now the rest can trickle down.

Getting the right size also gives you better control of the bike, and for you to purchase the best, there is no option other than visiting the stores. Additionally, right-sizing will prevent you from a lot of straining when biking.

Types Of Handlebar

Handlebars play a vital role in the comfort and handling of your bike. Along with steering the bike, they help to hold your weight and provide a mounting location for the brake levers and shifters. There are different types of handlebars.

Flat Handlebars

These are the most basic, and they just have a simple tube that is nearly straight. Most of them bend slightly towards the rider.

Drop Bars

They feature a straight center section and have the ends of the bars curved down towards the rider. 

Bull Horn Bars

They curve forward and up at the ends in a kind of U shape. They look like horns pointing forward on the bike.

Get Adjustable Seat Posts

Adjustable seat posts give you a very flexible feel as you ride. This way, you gain so much control over the bike. Also, you can stand on the pedals and shift your weight rearwards while standing up. That’s how the adjustable seat posts work. You can adjust them to any height favorable to different riders.

Best Full Suspension Bikes Reviewed

1.  Topyl Full-Suspension Bike

Key Features

  • Reachable handlebar
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Alloy mechanical brakes
  • Carbon steel frame
  • Thick pipe wall

Topyl Full-Suspension Bike is 26-inches with a thick pipe structure to maximize the bike’s strength. The carbon steel material is durable hence ensures the bike offers long term biking services. Additionally, with the high carbon content, the bike’s body is strong and ensures safety when riding.

Available disc brakes give the bike a powerful stop and slow down power. It also provides the bike with a sensitive performance and better control in case of emergencies.

It is safe for use by riders of different heights, enabling you to ride with much ease. The handlebar is made of high quality with a nonslip rubber that’s convenient to use even with wet hands.


  • It provides smooth trails, steep descents and long climbs with much ease
  • The tires give you an added edge to keep up with bigger trail bikes
  • Powerful brakes work effectively
  • The bike is convenient for people of different height


  • The assembly is hard

2. HDTSA Full-Suspension Bike

Key Features

  • Light and durable wheels
  • 26 inches 6 spoke rims
  • Disc brakes
  • Shimano derailleur
  • Comfortable handlebars

HDTSA Full-Suspension Bike is a light yet durable bike that ensures your riding experience is enjoyable. The wheels are durable; therefore, they provide the required traction to roll on different road surfaces.  The high carbon steel is long-lasting. The bike has a full suspension that ensures you get a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. 

21-speed gears give you a chance to accelerate and decelerate the bike as per your desire. The seat is comfortable to provide you with maximum comfort as you ride along.

Additionally, the 21 stage shifting system makes it easy to adjust according to the road conditions. The bike provides you with comfortable and effortless driving experience. It has sturdy disc brakes that work effectively to ensure a safe riding experience.


  • The handlebars available are suitable to ensure effortless steering of the bike
  • High carbon steel gives the bike a shock-absorbing feature and ensures smooth riding on rough terrain
  • 26-inch tires provide maximum traction hence promotes smooth riding


  • The steel frame may be prone to rust

3. LENXH Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

Key Features

  • Powerful v brakes
  • 21-speed variations
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Full suspension
  • Sponge saddle

LENXH Full-Suspension Mountain Bike is a complicated yet straightforward bike with components that ensure you get an enjoyable experience. The use of bent pipes at the front and back ensures the bike has a higher upwind passing rate. The overall weight of the bike is light, therefore promoting a quick, lighter, and more labor-saving ride.

Double mechanical brakes are ideal for fast braking. This braking system is all-weather and brakes, efficiently providing you with more robust protection.

You can conveniently change the speed of the bike faster thanks to the broken arm design. The saddle of this bike is elastic with soft memory sponge for maximum comfort. It is also wear-resistant and comfortable.


  • It is light in weight hence portable
  • The high quality maximizes on the bike’s durability
  • The saddle is nonslip to provide a comfortable riding
  • Convenient for all weather conditions without compromising for its quality


  • More energy is required to pedal

4. HDGTSA Full-Suspension Bike

Key Features

  • Carbon steel structure
  • Dual disc brakes
  • 21-speed variations
  • 24-inch bike
  • Beaded pedals

HDGTSA Full-Suspension Bike entails a carbon structure that’s durable and comfortable. Available front and rear derailleurs offer a shock-absorbing system; hence the bike can cope with uneven road surfaces. 

You can adjust the 21-speed shifters to meet the road and driving conditions to provide a smooth ride. It’s a lightweight folding bike; therefore, it’s space-saving and can be carried effortlessly.

This bike further has beaded pedals, making it easy for you to pedal. The mechanical disc brakes help you to decelerate quickly. With the nonslip handlebars, you can easily steer the bike. Additionally, it can hold a rider with up to 100 kg.


  • Gives you a safe travel
  • High-quality brakes
  • Speed shifter gears for different riding conditions
  • Usable by both men and women
  • Comfortable seat


  • Not ideal for riders over 100 kgs


Key Features

  • 24-speed variations
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Free pedals
  • Comfortable seat
  • High-end suspension

LINKIOM Bike features magnesium wheels that are light yet durable; hence they are resistant to wear. With the double suspension, the bike can cope in rough roads and bumpy areas. 24-speed gears allow you to adjust to your desired riding rate.

26-inch stylish rims add to the bike’s attractiveness as they work effectively to provide a safer ride. The front and rear disc brakes offer mighty stopping power.

The available saddle is comfortable enough that you don’t get fatigued while riding. It also comes with free pedals for you to push to propel the bike wheels. The carbon steel frame is shock absorbent making it safe and smooth to ride on rough terrain. 26-inch wheels have better traction in off-road conditions; therefore, they are faster and easier to use.


  • Effectively working brakes
  • Provides you with a smooth-riding experience
  • It’s durable as it can survive even the rough terrains


  • The bike is slow due to the 26-inch wheels

6. ZLOLIA Full-Suspension Bike

Key Features

  • Dual disc brakes
  • 26-inch mountain bike
  • Carbon steel frame
  • Reachable handlebar
  • Thickened saddle

ZLOLIA Full-Suspension Bike has a carbon steel frame with a unique welding technology that makes it robust and durable. On the good bit about it is that it’s foldable, therefore easy to store and carry to your desired riding destination. 26-inch tires with 6 spoke fashionable rims are made securely and firmly. 

The available suspension bike handles all the bumps to ensure a smooth ride feeling. Shifting gear works effectively to enhance your smooth ride.

This bike is further equipped with a quick-release clip, which makes the bike foldable. Wide mountain bike tires give the bike an added stability. Front and rear disc brakes ensure a maximum stopping power in case of emergencies. This bike has a saddle that’s extra comfortable to reduce fatigue.


  • The bike is ideal for adults of different heights
  • Wide wheels roll correctly on the various road surfaces
  • The shifting of gears is effortless
  • It’s affordable making it portable and easy to store as its space-saving


  • The bike has a slow-moving speed, according to some customers.


All the above bikes are amazing, but Topyl Full-Suspension Bike is our best pick. A complete suspension bike benefits you in almost everything, like climbing to bunny hopping, which results in gratifying your riding experience. It should also absorb shocks better and help you climb more efficiently.

When it comes to the handlebars of the best full suspension mountain bikes, they should be comfortable to provide a tight grip even with sweaty or wet hands. The bike should be durable to ensure you enjoy your biking experience for long. It should further have powerful brakes that are efficient and work instantly. All these specs are available in the Topyl full-suspension bike.

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