7 Best Mountain Bike Grips For 2021 Reviewed

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A good pair of grips will be the difference between several hours of happy riding and painful hands.

Fortunately, we’ve offered a guide to enable you to choose grips that suit your needs. 7 best mountain bike grips in the market.

Quick Overview: Top Choice

When it comes down to the best mountain bike grips, our top pick goes to RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips.

Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips
Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips

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    Types of Mountain Bike Grips

    Grips are grips. Right? If you think so, you’re wrong! There are different types of grips choices in the market. The positioning and choice of grip will affect braking control, hand and arm positioning, as well as gear shifting. Ill-fitting grips can lead to long-term pain and hand discomfort. And this will affect your riding experience.

    Basically, grips are the rubberized tubes at the end of your handlebar. It’s worth knowing that mountain bike grips are available in several styles and types.

    Grip thickness varies based on several factors like the hand size and the race. Riders with smaller hands will find thinner grips comfortable, while those with wider paws would prefer thicker grips. Enduro, downhill racing (DH), all-mountain, and freeride biking (FR) is quite intense, and in this case, thicker and larger grips will be suitable. 

    The grip pattern also plays a vital role. It ranges from waffle patterns preferred by FR and DH riders to barely-there racers favorites. The pattern also trickles down to a matter of personal taste and preference. You can try a few patterns to find out what suits you the best. But most important, ensure the patterns offer superior traction in the wet condition.

    Let’s delve deeper into grips

    Lock On-grip and Non-Lock On-grip 

    1.  Lock On-Grip

    Most riders appreciate the crop of new generation and trendy lock-on grips. They feature small metal collars fitted at both of one end, tightly locking the grip to the handlebar using a small Allen bolt.  These locks are increasingly becoming a standard in designing most mountain bikes.


    • They’re simple to install and remove
    • They stay put
    • They don’t spin or squirm


    • They are expensive
    • The metal collar might be uncomfortable
    • They’re only available in thick models

    2.  Non-Lock-Grip

    On the other hand, there are non-lock on-grips, which are also known as traditional grips. If you have small hands, then non-lock on-grip might be your ultimate solution. However, they might not offer superior traction, especially during intense riding. These grips have their benefits and drawbacks which include;


    • Inexpensive
    • Light
    • They’re available in thin/skinny versions


    • They can spin around, squirm or slide off the bar
    • Difficult to install and remove
    • The rubber is quite slipperier and harsh

    Shape And Texture

    The grips are available in various shapes and textures. The wide selection helps you choose what is comfortable for you. The shape is quite variable. It can range from pure cylindrical for ultimate performance to highly supportive fitted with bumps and wings.

    The wider surfaces help in spreading out pressure for added comfort. More so, they provide stellar traction for easy control of your bike. The rounder grips, on the other hand, are more responsive.

    The texture will determine the traction. Deeper grooves and more pronounced tread patterns are greats at maneuvering in mud and swampy areas. If you sweat, then a deep tread pattern might be the best bet.

    Low profile tread and half waffle patterns are mostly preferred by people who wear gloves consistently. The fabric used also plays a core role. Ultra-tacky rubber grips are known to offer unrivaled traction. Foam grips will conform to your hand’s shape and provide exceptional vibration damping properties.

    Ergonomics And Non-ergonomics

    1.      Ergonomics

    Ergonomics grips are specifically designed to provide superior traction and comfort. Enhanced comfort ensures you’re able to grip the handlebar firmer for an enjoyable ride. These grips fit perfectly on the curves of your hands.

    These grips are packed with integrated bar-ends for several positioning options. they’re worth trying of the regular grips gives you hand pain


    • Offers enhanced comfort
    • Provides excellent and enjoyable riding
    • Suitable for all riding races


    • Not suitable for everyone
    • The design might favor right or left-handed bikers

    2.      Non-ergonomic

    Non-ergonomics, on the other side, are also designed to provide comfort but much less compared to ergonomics. However, they are applicable to all bikers and highly recommended for individuals and families who share bikes.


    • Inexpensive compared to ergonomic grips
    • Suitable for all bikers


    • Might not offer much comfort at ergonomic grips does
    • Might not be ideal for intense rides like enduro

    How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Grips

    Getting your mountain bike into action can be easy. But getting the right grips for ultimate control and performance of your bike can be daunting. According to the study, the rate of discomfort, injuries, and pain has drastically increased due to the lack of proper gear when biking.

    When riding through rugged terrain, the energy produced by the contact between the ground and your bike’s tire enters your body through handlebars, pedals, and seat. Fortunately, the feet are well-formed to handle these vibrations. However, your forearms and wrists are vulnerable to injuries.

    These vibrations can trigger hypothenar hammer syndrome, nerve compression, and other severe cases. To reduce the risk of injury and pain, ensure your bike is up to the task. This includes choosing the best handlebar grips.

    When evaluating mountain bike grips, there are a few factors to look out for. You’ll get surprised to know these items are much similar in design and installation.

    Here is what you should consider;

    Material And Compound

    Buying grips based on looks alone can be deceiving. This is because similar grips and tires are made in a myriad of compounds.

    You can find hard, soft, smooth, tacky, or a combo of all these. There are four types of compounds; ultra-tacky, medium, Kevlar, and soft. Soft and ultra-tacky grips are designed to provide bikers with ultimate traction. They’re ideal for riders who prefer thin gloves. They are sticky and minimizes trail vibrations.

    Kevlar grips are favorite among World Cup downhill racers. On the other hand, medium grips are harder and provide durability and excellent control.

    Although Kevlar grips are quite expensive, they are worth the price. Their comfort, durability, and reduction in trail vibration are unmatched.

    The material used in designing these products also plays a big role. Silicone-made grips offer superior shock absorption at a minimal weight. They come in different styles, diameters, and colors.

    Determine If The Profile Is Ideal

    There is a wide selection, including a thin waffle, blocks in various thicknesses, and ridges. Each profile offers a different feel and level in absorption.

    Bar Plugs 

    Reliable grips are designed with bar plugs. This design covers the end of your bars. It prevents injuries in a crash.

    Shape And Length  

    Grips are available in various shapes and lengths to suit all kinds of riders. The ergonomic shapes are designed to fit in your hand contours. While some grips are straight, you can also find short and long grips.

    All that matters is for you to choose what fits you’re the best.

    Fixing Methods 

    Some grips are easy to install and remove while some are hard. Lock-on grips are designed with either one or two locking rings to help them securely on the handlebar. They’re unlikely to spin or squirm. However, they’re weighty due to extra fabric.

    Slide-on grips will stay in place, but they can spin if dirt or rain gets under them. They’re thinner and ideal for bikers with small paws.


    Grips are seemingly un-glam and trivial, but they have a significant influence on mountain biking. The products include unique elements or features to enhance performance. Such features include:


    Your comfort comes second to none. If the grips are sliding or they’re too big for your hand, you should keep them off. Otherwise, you might end up hurting your forearms and wrists. Comfort will also depend on the grip pattern. For instance, the waffle pattern offers sticky feels and is favored by free riders and downhill bikers.

    Pressure on Your Hands 

    The ground vibrations may hurt your wrists, especially on rugged terrains. You, therefore, need grips that will spread pressure equally on your hands. Some grips are designed with caps at the end to keep rainwater, dirt, and debris out of the handlebar. This is to ensure the grip doesn’t slide or squirm.

    Grips’ ability to minimize vibration means less pressure will be applied to your hands. As a result, this will reduce the chances of getting injured. It also boosts comfort and provides more control.


    You will appreciate the technology used in designing ergonomic grips. The products are fitted with palm support for more comfort. The curvy design ensures the grips fit perfectly on your hands. Ergonomic design is geared towards helping the biker perform tasks more safely and smoothly.

    6. Best Mountain Bike Grips Reviewed

    Below, we have reviewed the best mountain bike grips in 2020. Take a look and choose the best product.

    1. Ergon GSI Grips

    Key Features:

    • Weight: 145g
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Aircraft Aluminum
    • Use: Enduro racing, mountain biking
    • 2-year warranty

    Ergon GSI grips have become the bikers’ grip of choice. The sturdy and unique internal design supports your hand firmly. Thanks to the two internal supports ideal for rebound and control. Weighing approximately 145g, the grips are lightweight for ultimate feel and feedback. If you’re looking for comfort, then GSI grips might be your ultimate choice. Ergon’s anatomical design eases the pressure on the median and ulnar nerves in your hands.


    • Lightweight for secure handling and control
    • Comes with an optional adaptor ring for enhanced flexibility
    • Hard like rubber for superior traction


    • They have a tendency of slipping off
    • Easy to scratch on the locks
    • May not have a great ability to minimize vibrations
    Ergon GS1 Grips
    Ergon GS1 Grips

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      2. Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Grip

      Key Features:

      • Small size
      • Incredibly comfortable
      • Made of Kraton
      • Textured pattern
      • Weight: 5.8 ounces

      For over three decades, Schwinn has been in the bicycle industry, designing a product that boosts the confidence and performance of bikers. And Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Grip is no exception. It’s fitted with a gentle palm grip, which is textured expertly. The synthetic rubber construction is ideal for traction. The extra gel layer offers comfort and soft touch. The Kraton compound ensures the grips last you for long.


      • Reasonably priced
      • The large palm pad provides protection
      • Incredibly comfortable even for intense racing
      • Textured development provides advanced traction


      • Might make your hands sore or get blisters
      • Some users claim they’re uncomfortable
      • It could slip off the handlebar
      Schwinn Ergonomic Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Bicycle Grip, Black Small
      Schwinn Ergonomic Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Bicycle Grip, Black Small

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        3. Odi Bike Grips Handle Rouge Bonus Pack

        Key Features:

        • Form: Sport-Griff
        • Weight: 111g
        • Length: 130mm
        • Fabric: Polycarbonate, Kraton
        • Color: Green, Black

        Somewhere between durability and flexibility is the Rogue Bonus Pack. It’s designed with four anodized aluminum clamps to provide excellent performance even on rugged terrain. Soft grooved tread ensures your hands are comfortable. It also gives you the power to take control of your bike in all conditions. Extra-large raised pads offer superior shock absorptions. Furthermore, they’re easy to install.


        • Sticky grips to ensure you’re in control throughout the biking experience
        • Unrivaled quality for long-lasting durability
        • Extremely comfortable
        • Lock-on grips for a free performance


        • It might feel thick for riders with small palms
        • They might slip off
        • Not ideal for bigger hands
        Odi Bike Grips Handle Rouge Bonus Pack
        Odi Bike Grips Handle Rouge Bonus Pack

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        4. RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips (Top Pick)

        Key Features:

        • Diameter: 28 mm
        • Weight: 87 g
        • Available in multiple colors
        • Single lock-on grip
        • Low profile design

        The award-winning grips have a slim design at 28mm in diameter. The well-padded grips offer incredible traction and comfort. It’s perfect with gloves on but performs better on bare hands. The full-length plastic sleeve stops the outboard end from twisting. The massive range of colors enables you to choose a color that accentuates your style and liking.


        • Easy to install and remove
        • Offers unrivaled comfort
        • Good quality for durability


        • The screws do not hold the grips tightly
        • Might attract dirt, debris, and water
        • They don’t provide enough shock absorption, comfort, and palm protection
        Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips
        Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips

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          5. ODI Bike Grips Handle Ruffian Bonus Pack

          Key Features:

          • Weight: 115 g
          • Intended use: Mountain Biking
          • Length: 130 mm
          • Dimensions: 5 x 2 x 8 inches
          • Color: Aqua, red-black, black, and lime

          ODI is the world innovative and leader in grip technology. As the leading choice of most boking pros, the ODI Ruffian combines a unique narrow profile with a diamonized, rugged surface for ultimate control. It comes with a pair of clamps and grips. These grips are ideal for smaller hands. They’re also be used by bikers using gloves.


          • Ideally suitable for riders with smaller hands
          • The narrow racing profile offers maximum control
          • Fits perfectly like a glove


          • A bit pricey
          • Extremely slippery when wet
          • It might not last long like other brands
          ODI bike grips handle Ruffian Bonus Pack
          ODI bike grips handle Ruffian Bonus Pack

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          6. Ergon GA2 Grips

          Key Features:

          • Material: Soft GravityControl rubber
          • Weight: 107 g
          • Intended Use: Mountain biking, Enduro racing, Cross Country
          • Length: 136 mm
          • UV stable rubber compound

          Ergon is an award-winning and world leader in making mountain bike gear and components. Their well-thoughtful, science-rich approach bears huge benefits in ensuring they come up with unique features. The Ergon grips have a single lock-on clamp for added comfort and excellent control in craggy terrain. The specific hardness and patterns give you a balance between comfort and control. The ergonomic shape perfectly fits the contours of your hand.


          • Unique multiple compounds
          • Doesn’t slip ensuring you have great control
          • Decent amount of grip
          • Hard-wearing


          • The hardness may make your hands fatigue quickly
          • Might not last for long
          • The end caps may slide out while racing
          Ergon GA2 Grips
          Ergon GA2 Grips

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            7. Ergon GE1 Evo Grips

            Key Features:

            • Weight: 105 g
            • Material: GravityControl rubber
            • Intended Use: Enduro, Mountain Biking, All-Mountain
            • Color: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow
            • Compatible with carbon bars

            The Ergon GE1’s construction comprises of ergonomic shape and enhanced for wider riser bars. The surface texture provides a slip-proof surface for tactile feel and precise grip. Your forearm and upper body will get actively supported for perfect positioning. The ergonomic grips feel pleasant, right, and comforting. The grip barrel is thicker and slightly twisted, so when you rotate it, the orientation changes slightly.


            • Extremely comfortable
            • Small diameter with padding all round for added comfort
            • Grips are incredibly sticky to fabrics to hold with less effort


            • A few users complain about the grips being uncomfortable
            • Maybe not be durable
            • A bit pricey
            Ergon - GE1 Evo Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar Grips | for Mountain, Trail and Enduro Bikes | Regular or Slim Fit | 7 Color Options
            Ergon - GE1 Evo Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar Grips | for Mountain, Trail and Enduro Bikes | Regular or Slim Fit | 7 Color Options

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            Which Is Best?

            When it comes down to the best mountain bike grips, our top pick goes to RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips. I’m amazed by its stickiness, and I’ve never encountered any loosening issues.

            The grips work well with or without gloves but still feel comfortable. What sold me with these is how I can barrel through a rough section without issues of slicking with sweat or getting my hands numb. If you’re looking for a long term bike grip that won’t hurt your hands or arms, RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips is worth the investment.

            Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips
            Race Face Half Nelson Locking Grips

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