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Welcome to Wheelie Great. A cycling blog for beginners. Helping to keep you rubber side down.

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Joshua Cartwright


Carmel Young

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Perry Knight

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What We Do For You

Wheelie Great was founded to provide a simple path for beginners to get into this hobby.

My names Joshua, and really I thought of this site long before the creation. There was a clear moment I thought, “I should have learned more about this before I bought this bike”.

You see, I was all excited for my new road bike. A red De Rosa. She was a beauty. And when it arrived… it didn’t have any pedals.

Couldn’t believe it. Shocked. But that was a long time a go.

Now I like to think I know a thing or two, which is the purpose of this website. I along with my team of writers who live and breath cycling, aim to bring you easy-to-digest cycling guides and reviews so you can get the right gear and get faster and faster.