The Best BMX Pegs For Performing Stunts & Tricks

BMX bike pegs are a must-have if you want to perform impressive stunts and tricks.

That said, if you get poor quality bike pegs, you’ll be buying new pegs before you ride again.

I’ve curated the best BMX pegs, so you’ll avoid getting another pair of sub-par pegs.

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Guide To Choosing Bike Pegs

Before we get into the reviews, I want to start by talking about what you need to look for when choosing your pegs


Many BMX pegs are made of Chromoly, as called Chromo, which is a steel alloy which is lighter in weight than regular steel, but still fairly tough. While aluminum alloys are sometimes used because they’re more lightweight, they lack the durability of steel. 

There are even plastic pegs available, although they aren’t recommended. That said, steel is the best material for BMX pegs; there are plastic and other sleeves to cover them for the best of both worlds.

Axle Size 

There are two main axle sizes you’ll see on bikes: ⅜” and 14mm. 14mm axles are more standard for casual, street riding bikes. ⅜” axles are more often seen on bikes used for extreme riding, like BMX riding or racing. It’s important to understand your axle size and choose your pegs accordingly.


Bike pegs can vary in length, but if you’re looking at BMX pegs designed for stunts and rails, there’s a pretty consistent range. Stunt pegs are typically between 4 and 4 ½ inches long.

Pegs meant for passengers such as on a street bike can have a much wider range of lengths. Even some of the pegs on our list can be an inch or two longer; many times the choice comes down to your comfort.


Does diameter really matter for BMX pegs?

While you can use the standard, preferred diameter pegs of 38.5mm (that’s 1 ½ inch), there’s also the option for slimmer 35mm diameter pegs.

Most BMX riders are perfectly happy with 1 ½ inch diameter pegs, although the riders that do choose the ‘skinny peg’ route do so because it lessens the load during stunts, and they’re more lightweight.

Top 6 Best BMX Bike Pegs Reviewed

Now you have a better understanding on what to look out for, you can use these reviews to make an informed buying decision.

1. 25NINE

Key Features:

  • Suited for 14mm axles and ⅜ axles (with adapter) 
  • Durable aluminum core and polycarbonate outer casing (outer sleeves are also replaceable)
  • Anti-rotation pins secure pegs in place 
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee 
  • Sturdy and lightweight construction designed for BMX stunts

These BMX bike pegs are most easily summed up as sturdy and smooth. If you’ve ever dealt with loose, spinning pegs when you’re trying to nail your latest trick you’re really going to love these pegs. 

They’re designed with special pins that keep them fastened in place. If you have ⅜ axles, you can use these pegs too since there’s an adapter included (which is really convenient).

Not only are they high quality, hard-working pegs, but they also look good too, no matter what designs you have on your BMX bike.


  • Pegs feel smooth and sturdy 
  • Very easy to install and secure 
  • The wide design makes pegs easier to grasp and land tricks
  • Pegs stay in place well, no noticeable wobbling 


  • Extra sleeves recommended for frequent riding on rough terrain 
  • The plastic outer sleeve could have improved grip

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2. Novatec Steel Pegs for 3/8 Inch Axles

Key Features:

  • Durable steel construction 
  • Compatible with any ⅜ axle threading 
  • Textured surface for better grip 
  • 110mm long and 38mm wide
  • Budget-friendly price point, high-quality pegs 

The Novatech Steel pegs are a great pick whether you’re just starting BMX riding or whether you’ve been doing it forever.

They’re certainly a budget-friendly option and paired with the quality and performance you get, these pegs are an impressive value. 

They won’t wear out after a few rides, like most other BMX pegs in the price range. Even the paint holds up really well after some rough riding.

This set of pegs is that they have a grippy texture, making it easier to keep your feet on them when you’re freestyle riding.


  • Larger than most BMX pegs; makes executing freestyle stunts easier 
  • Pegs have a textured surface that’s really easy to grip 
  • Impressively sturdy and durable without much extra weight 
  • Fast, simple install with a little BMX know-how 


  • Instructions for installation aren’t included (though it’s still fairly intuitive) 
  • Set includes 2 pegs, if you want a set of 4 you have to buy extras separately 

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3. Black Ops Lead Foot

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality durable steel 
  • Easy installation, just thread into the axle 
  • Fits all standard ⅜ inch axles 
  • The outer surface is grooved for grip 
  • Suitable for BMX riders of all sizes 

These BMX pegs are as sleek and cool looking as you would expect from their name, but they’re high performers too. The nice thing about the design is that it does include a textured outer surface for grip, but it’s not visibly obvious unless you’re looking up close. 

The subtle texturing is consistent over the entire peg, which is nice if you’ve ever missed a trick when your foot hits the slippery part of a textured peg.

If your foot does happen to slip, you won’t scrape up your legs since these pegs don’t have the rough edges that so many BMX pegs do.


  • Grips well, but doesn’t scrape if your foot slips 
  • Seriously easy to install, just thread it in and tighten the pegs by hand 
  • You can feel how sturdy they are, but also aren’t heavy 
  • Large enough to work for all sizes of rider 


  • There’s a size difference between the black and silver pegs.Verify your size when ordering.

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4. Odyssey MPEG

Key Features:

  • Created from billet steel materials 
  • Fits 14mm, and ⅜ inch axles with winding adapter 
  • Features 3 different anti-rolling positions 
  • Sold as a pair of 2 
  • Designed for versatility and durability 

If you’re not looking for your first pair of BMX pegs, you already know how important it is to get a set of pegs that can take some extreme wear and tear.

That’s where these Odyssey MPEG BMX bike pegs come in. You could pretty much try to destroy these pegs and it won’t happen. 

They have different anti-slip positions, so you won’t have to stop riding to tighten them either. As a neat bonus, if you love the clink of pegs and grinding BMX sound, you’ll get it with these pegs too.


  • Pegs feel very smooth and slide well (with the iconic BMX grind sounds) 
  • Pretty much indestructible; nothing seems to damage the pegs 
  • Includes the adapter to fit 14mm and ⅜ axles 
  • Great support for riders with bigger builds 


  • Rather heavy as far as BMX pegs go

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5. Action Joker Threaded 3/8″ x 26 TPI

Key Features:

  • 6 inches long, compatible with ⅜ inch axles 
  • Designed with a tapered edge to prevent fork interference 
  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel 
  • Knurled, textured surface improves grip 
  • Threaded with nut on end for easy installation 

These pegs really out work, and outlive, most other BMX bike pegs that you’ll find today. They feature super-tough steel construction and thoughtful design that is designed to make the most out of your BMX and freestyle riding.

They’re 6 inches long, just enough space to get a good hold, but not enough to get you stuck on your own bike. Not only that, but these pegs also have a tapered edge; it’s not a common enough feature in BMX pegs today since it does wonders for keeping fork interference at bay. 


  • You can feel the traction on the peg without too much movement 
  • Really sturdy and durable construction 
  • Tapered edge is a great feature for riders that spin their bikes 
  • Longer than many BMX pegs and the pegs don’t get stuck 


  • Not compatible with 14mm axle without an adapter (no adapter included with the pegs) 

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6. Protective Technologies Mongoose Freestyle Pegs

Key Features:

  • Chrome-plated exterior with strong steel underneath 
  • Easy installation, takes only a few minutes 
  • Designed to fit perfectly with Mongoose BMX bikes 
  • Internal threading for tool-free installation 
  • Sturdy enough to take a lot of grinding 

From one of the most recognized and trusted bike companies worldwide, these pegs are everything a freestyle BMX rider could ask for.

Like any other piece of Mongoose bike gear, these are pegs you already know are high quality, and high spec in their design and construction. While they are made of some really strong steel, they have a chrome-plated finish.

In short, they keep the tough core construction you need but add some nice flash too. These BMX pegs are just as thrilling and useful whether you’re trying out freestyling for the first time, or if you’ve been doing it for years.


  • The pegs are definitely sturdy, but you don’t see plain steel 
  • The chrome plating is a really classic, but flashy add on 
  • Not too heavy feeling, but can definitely take rough BMX riding 
  • Really user-friendly and intuitive design is ideal for beginners 


  • The chrome-plated exterior is attractive but doesn’t offer as much grip overall 

Which Peg Is For You?

Let’s start by saying that all the BMX bike pegs we’ve included in our review are high performing, reliable pegs. They’re all good choices, but a couple really stands out. The Odyssey MPEG pegs are outstanding for several reasons.

They’re well built, look, perform, and even sound great. The Novatec BMX pegs are a close second; they’re tough as anything (paint included) and comfortable to use. The super grippy textured surface is definitely a plus, especially when you’re starting to freestyle or checking out a new stunt.

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