6 Best Commuter Bike Helmets Reviewed 2021

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You may not ride through dangerous cross-country or mountain trails or join the Tour de France, you may use your bike just to get to and from work or school, but you should still be looking out for your safety.

Being a commuter cyclist shouldn’t mean you can just get mediocre equipment for your daily trips. In fact, the city streets can pose just as much risk to you as any other route will. Perhaps the most important safety gear a cyclist must have is his helmet, to protect from traumatic head injuries during fatal or minor accidents encountered on the road.

In this post, we’ll list our favorite commuter bike helmets in the market today, so we can help you go on your daily bike rides as safely as possible. And we’ll also provide a guide to help you choose the best one that fits your requirements.

TLDR – Top Pick

The best commuter bike helmet is the Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet.

What to Consider Before Buying a Commuter Bike Helmet

When you look online or visit a bicycle shop, you’ll find an overwhelming number of the different helmets available for commuter cyclists. Naturally, you’ll wonder how they all differentiate from each other, if they even do.

In this section, let’s examine what makes an excellent commuter bike helmet.

Quality Certified

When you pick out a helmet, the first thing you should find out is whether it’s passed quality control inspection. The US CPSC or United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is the independent agency of the US government responsible for ensuring bike helmets, among a host of other consumer products, are safe for use by the public.

They test the quality of each helmet by running it through rigorous crash tests and identifying the quality of the materials and methods used in manufacturing. 

A helmet becomes CPSC-certified when it passes inspection and gets a sticker on the inside to confirm quality. CPSC prohibits selling helmets that fail these tests, so it’s safe to assume all helmets sold within the US are safe for usage.

It’s a different story, however, for online purchases. Look for the certification and be wary of buying unfamiliar brands. Also, be cautious of getting helmets by popular brands but come from suspicious sources. If you can’t confirm the helmet’s quality through CPSC certification, avoid it. 

That’s all there is to it.

In-mold Construction

While we’re all for relying on the CPSC to assure a helmet’s capability to protect commuters, knowing your preferred helmet’s construction would stamp the deal on how well it can safeguard you from any form of impact to the head.

Helmet manufacturers typically use a crushable foam called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in the inner lining to absorb crash impact and protect the head from fatal trauma.

The most recent technology in helmet manufacturing, however, is in-mold construction. The process involves injecting the PolyCarbonate (PC) shell of a helmet directly with EPS through pressure, heat, and steam.

This makes it impossible for the shell and the EPS foam liner to separate during a collision, therefore amplifying the level of protection it can provide for cyclists. It minimizes the transfer of impact to the foam insert substantially. 

Helmets constructed through this method are super lightweight, yet still provide extreme firmness and high levels of protection.

Adjustable Fit

You may encounter helmets with ‘universal’ sizes, which means it only comes in one size.

It’s vital for a helmet to fit properly for it to work properly. Of course, if you’re planning to get your helmet online, it will be impossible to know if it’s a perfect fit until you get to wear it on your head.

For this reason, we recommend picking a helmet that has an adjustable retention system. Some helmets will have dials on the back, which you can adjust to fit your size perfectly. 

Steer clear of helmets with elastic fit systems. If you can stretch it just by pulling on it, then that’s not much reassurance in the face of a violent crash.


The average Joe may think cyclists probably need little ventilation in helmets, as traversing through open roads will already produce enough airflow. 

While that may be true, it’s important to consider urban commuters routing through expanses of concrete and asphalt which constantly radiate heat during any day – but so much more during the summer months. 

Bigger and more holes may seem more preferable for breathability, but these helmets may risk breaking apart at the least provocation, as more vents will mean lesser areas to keep the foam in one piece. This is the reason well-ventilated helmets are expensive because manufacturers have to balance ventilation painstakingly with form and function.

Commuters who ride through bike trails near the water, on the other hand, will need insulation more than ventilation. Temperatures around these bodies of water can drop dramatically during certain times of the day, especially during winter months. 

So if you like to ride even through the coldest times of the year, consider helmets with more coverage and lesser ventilation ports to provide added warmth.


There are some conversations about round helmets being preferable over protruding ones because they minimize the risk of rotational damage to the brain or neck injuries during collisions. Some experts have concerns about protruding helmets triggering the head to jerk suddenly because of the force of a cyclist’s impact against a paved surface.

If the helmet you prefer has chin straps attached, determine whether the sliders and buckle are of high quality, and that it’s securely integrated into the helmet. If you choose helmets with these attachments, make sure you use them religiously during every ride – no matter how short the distance. 

Finally, get a helmet that fits your aesthetic preferences. It’s not a trivial thing to consider this in your purchase. After all, you’ll be the one wearing it all throughout your regular commutes. It would be such a waste to get something you don’t enjoy wearing – even if it provides maximum protection and comfort. 

What would be the point of getting a helmet if you don’t wear it?

6 Best Commuter Bicycle Helmets Reviewed

Now, it’s time to run through our list of favorite commuter bike helmets. We hope that you find the one that fits all your requirements in this selection.

1. Base Camp Adult Commuter Bike Helmet

Key Features

  • Is US CPSC & CE EN 1078 certified
  • Made with EPS, PC, and nylon
  • Has adjustable chin strap and rear dial secure system
  • Has 9 vents & detachable inside padding
  • Comes with detachable rear light

First on the list is Basecamp’s adult commuter bike helmet made from EPS, PolyCarbonate, and nylon material. It’s CPSC-certified, so you know this helmet offers top-notch protection.

It comes with a built-in detachable rear light for more visibility to other commuters on the road. The rear light has an off and on switch and works in two modes (steady and flashing). You can strip it away from your helmet easily by pushing it out with a stick, although we recommend you keep it on for added safety.

It has an easy-to-adjust chin strap and rear dial secure system to ensure proper fit and optimum safety. It’s also manufactured with 9 vents within its form to maximize ventilation and maintain air circulation while wearing it under the heat of the sun.

It has a sleek low-profile appearance, perfect for urban commuting, and is available in black and white colors both in matte finishes so you know you won’t look ridiculous wearing it.

This helmet is in a medium size and has a circumference of about 21.65 to 23.6 inches. Be sure to measure your head’s circumference before getting this helmet to ensure perfect fit. Wrap a flexible tape measure around your head, starting at about an inch above your eyebrows to get the correct measurements.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Super lightweight when wearing
  • Includes storage bag, screwdriver, and spare rear light battery 
  • Looks fantastic


  • Rear light may need more push to switch modes
  • Chin straps may need more fiddling
BASE CAMP Bike Helmet Lightweight, Adults-Men-Women with Light-Urban Bicycle for Commuting, Biking, Skating, Adjustable M Size (Black)
BASE CAMP Bike Helmet Lightweight, Adults-Men-Women with Light-Urban Bicycle for Commuting, Biking, Skating, Adjustable M Size (Black)

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    2. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Bike Helmet

    Key Features

    • Is certified by CPSC and other testing agencies
    • Made with ABS shell and EPS lining
    • Comes in three sizes, chin straps, and interchangeable pads for optimum fit
    • Has 10 rectangular vents
    • Available in 10 color variations 

    Make your daily commutes safe and comfortable with the CM-1 bike helmet from Retrospec. 

    It’s made from a fully formed ABS shell and EPS liner to provide superior protection and impact absorption. In fact, this helmet’s saved countless lives since its creation, all of whom are grateful they chose this particular helmet to ride with.

    It boasts of approved quality certification from CPSC and other testing bodies, making it suitable for cycling, skating, and even skiing activities.

    This classically designed helmet comes with 10 vents to allow optimal air circulation and comfort as you ride. 

    Get a custom fit through the adjustable chin strap that connects with molded snap buckles and two sets of interchangeable pads besides the moisture wicking interior. If you prefer, you can wear the additional pads for extra comfort and insulation during colder rides.

    Available in 10 matte color variations that come in three traditional sizes with the following circumferential ranges.

    • Small at 51-55cm
    • Medium at 55-59cm
    • Large 59-63cm

    Be sure to check your head’s circumference first before choosing the size you want to get when you order. You can do this by wrapping a flexible measuring tape around your head, starting at about an inch over your eyebrows, as that is typically the thickest part of the head.


    • Guarantees protection
    • Easy to adjust
    • True to size
    • Chin strap doesn’t chafe


    • Outer shell may look bulky when worn
    Retrospec Dakota Bicycle / Skateboard Helmet for Adults - Commuter, Bike, Skate, Scooter, Longboard & Incline Skating - Highly-Protective & Premium Ventilation
    Retrospec Dakota Bicycle / Skateboard Helmet for Adults - Commuter, Bike, Skate, Scooter, Longboard & Incline Skating - Highly-Protective & Premium Ventilation

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      3. Mokfire Adult Commuter Bike Helmet

      Key Features

      • Is certified by CPSC and CE
      • Made with ABS shell and EPS lining
      • Adjustable height and circumference 
      • Internal recessed channels manage airflow
      • Includes rear safety light, battery, and a charger

      We’re so excited about recommending this light, cool, and sleek commuter bike from Mokfire to you, as it has so many features to offer every penny you invest in it will be worth it.

      We would never recommend a helmet that doesn’t pass testing from the CPSC, so you know this one’s also certified safe to use. 

      Made with ABS hard shell for durability and EPS lining for shock absorption, this helmet is equipped with a rear LED safety light usable in 3 modes: steady, slow blinks, and fast blinks so you stand out and maximize visibility when you ride at night. 

      The durable knob at the back will help you adjust the height and circumference (within 22-24 inches) to achieve a snug fit, ensuring maximum security. 

      Another impressive feature of this helmet is its chin pad, which has a gel rope fastener to keep the straps in place, making it tight and stable. The snap button makes the buckle durable and convenient, while the reflective strap is in a special nylon design that allows you to adjust the tightness with just one hand.

      The helmet itself has a sun visor to keep both rain and sun from getting into your eyes. Plus, it’s specially designed with internal recessed channels that manage airflow within and over the head. Cool air is pulled from the front and pushed through the matrix to minimize overheating.


      • Soft, comfortable, and moisture-wicking
      • Lightweight at only 0.62 lbs
      • Easy to adjust dial and strap
      • Sturdy rear light & works well


      • May be difficult to charge/change batteries
      • May feel velcro of inner pad lining
      • Chin strap is not padded
      MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet with USB Charge Rear Safety Light & Reflective Strap for Men/Women, E Bike Bicycle Helmets with Visor, Urban Commuter Cycle Biking Helmet, Adjustable Size 22.44-24.01 Inches
      MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet with USB Charge Rear Safety Light & Reflective Strap for Men/Women, E Bike Bicycle Helmets with Visor, Urban Commuter Cycle Biking Helmet, Adjustable Size 22.44-24.01 Inches

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        4. Outdoor Master Multi-Sport Helmet

        Key Features

        • Is ASTM & CPSC-certified
        • Reinforced with ABS shell & EPS core
        • Adjustable dial and chin strap
        • 30-day money back guarantee 
        • 1-year warranty to replace or refund

        This helmet by Outdoor Master is another one of our favorites. 

        CPSC and ASTM-certified as it’s built to provide both comfort and protection against traumatic impacts due to its reinforced ABS shell and thickened shock-absorbent EPS core.

        To optimize how it fits to your head, it includes two additional linings that are removable and washable, a durable rear dial, and high-quality nylon chin straps fully adjustable while wearing the helmet.

        It’s equipped with an excellent ventilation system composed of 12 air vents guaranteed to keep you cool while riding during hot summer months.

        Available in 11 colors, this classically designed low profile helmets come in three sizes with the following circumferential ranges.

        • Small – 18.1 to 20 inches
        • Medium – 20 to 22.8 inches
        • Large – 21.3 to 23.6 inches

        Word of caution, though, if you’re planning to use this for any other sport or activities outside of cycling, roller skating, rollerblading, or riding your scooter, we highly advise against it. Outdoor Master cannot guarantee safety protection if it’s used for purposes for which it isn’t certified, particularly motorsports.


        • Dial adjuster works excellently in fine tuning the fit
        • Durable buckle and straps stay in place
        • Good value for money


        • Hard shell may look bulbous when worn
        • May not be true to size, check measurements carefully

        5. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

        Key Features

        • Is CPSC-certified
        • Made with EPS and 2-pc. PVC Microshell
        • Has rear dial adjustable fit system plus fully adjustable side/chin straps
        • Includes 20 top air vents for crucial air circulation
        • Includes detachable visor to reduce glare

        Just as Schwinn produces top-notch bicycles, so do they also manufacture some of the best cycling helmets in the market. And we’re recommending you get this one from them – the Schwinn Thrasher.

        This full-coverage PVC and two-piece microshell helmet is durable yet so lightweight you’ll forget you have it on once you start riding.

        It’s designed for adults, but kids as young as 5 years old and up can wear it, too. Just check the suggested age ranges with their corresponding head circumferences found below:

        • Adult helmets (14 yo and above): 22.88 – 24.5 inches
        • Youth helmets (8-14 yo): 21.25 – 22.88 inches
        • Child helmets (5-8 yo): 19.63 – 22.0 inches

        Thanks to the Dial Fit strip on the back of this helmet, you can fully adjust how it fits so it can feel snug while covering your noggin. It’s also equipped with a snap-on visor to reduce the sun’s glare and adjustable side straps to help you fine tune the fit to your chin. Just don’t forget to secure it before going on any ride – near or far!

        It has 20, yes 20, air ventilation holes plus moisture-wicking pads to keep your head cool during hot sunny rides.

        Start riding with confidence and freedom now with any of the 21 variations available for you to choose from!


        • Guarantees protection 
        • Adjustable fit system works excellently
        • Sleek and aerodynamic design


        • Chin straps may need a bit more fiddling 
        • May not be true to size, check measurements carefully

        6. Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

        Key Features

        • Is CPSC-certified
        • Made with in-mold PC shell construction and EPS lining
        • Adjustable universal Roc Loc fit system
        • Has 22 vents for optimum air circulation
        • Includes convenient and detachable visor

        Last, but certainly not least, in our list is the Giro Bronte MIPS helmet engineered in Giro’s category-leading test lab . It combines smooth design and lightweight construction to suit your personal style while cycling on the road.

        The in-mold construction of full hardbody coverage PolyCarbonate shell provides guaranteed protection from serious injuries while on the road. While the EPS liner injected into the compact shape ensures the least amount of impact to your noggin in the event of collision.

        It’s fitted with the Roc Loc system consisting of a durable rear dial to fine tune the fit and high-quality chin straps to optimize security. The universal adult size will fit head circumferences of around 54-61cm, while the universal XL size will fit heads measuring 58-65cm. Make sure to follow the measuring instructions provided to ensure the best fit for you.

        The 22 vents within this helmet ensure excellent ventilation for when you ride during hot summer days. Its padding is also quick dry so you can use it again right away even if you’ve been riding in the rain. The detachable visor can be removed and snapped back on easily.


        • Lightweight and extremely comfortable 
        • Easy to install visor
        • Accurate sizing 
        • Looks fantastic


        • Chin straps may be a bit difficult to adjust
        • Visor may not provide as much coverage 
        Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet
        Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

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          Which Is Best?

          Don’t be another statistic. Protect your noggin. That’s the whole point of a helmet. 

          So when you choose the helmet for you, make sure you place safety as the paramount requirement. Investigate how it’s constructed, determine what factors will add considerable security when you use it.

          Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information in the buying guide included in this post.

          As for us, we highly recommend the Schwinn Thrasher bike helmet. It’s the product of years and years of experience by industry leaders who know what they’re doing. This helmet has saved countless lives, proving its effectiveness time and time again.

          The convenience and style it provides through its adjustability functions and design features won’t make you embarrassed to be seen wearing it either, so that’s always a plus!

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