Best Endurance Road Bike For 2021 Reviewed

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There are so many beautiful bikes out there that seem to be built well, but when you bring one out on rough roads, you might find that it doesn’t quite hold up.

As you’re searching for the best endurance road bike that can handle long rides and rough roads, look no further.

Check here to learn about the best bikes and what makes them so great.

Overview For Our Top Choice

The Tommaso Imola Endurance has incredible, top tier gear upgrades, breathtaking speed, and performance.

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - White - Large
Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - White - Large

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    What To Know When Buying An Endurance Bike

    Frame Geometry

    Every bike is built differently, with a different frame for each bike size. That’s why people of different sizes have differently sized bikes, but when you look at many bikes, they tend to look a little similar. Frame geometry, or the shape of the frame, is what determines its strength, however.

    When you’re looking at the frame geometry, you can see what you’re looking at by considering the angle of the head. Something that is steeper from the handlebars down to the front wheel will have faster steering, meaning that you don’t need as much effort to steer it.

    Most bikes are designed to be recreational, meaning that they’re not made to be used on longer rides or rough roads, and generally have a greater angle of the handlebars. You need to search for a bike with performance geometry, which will allow you to stretch out a little more while you’re riding. These bikes are more responsive to your steering, so they steer more easily with the overall stiffer frame, not to mention the lighter wheels.

    Gear Selection

    Gears are key when it comes to riding. They control how fast you ride and how far you’re able to ride. If your gears are too low, you’re more likely to spin out, but if they’re too high, you may not be able to pedal quickly enough when you’re trying to move up a steep incline.

    First off, pay attention to the crankset. This will let the pedal turn and rotate the wheel. If you’re looking for a road bike, this will have either a triple or double crankset, meaning more chainrings right near the pedals.

    To put it simply, let’s say that you have 3 chainrings. These types of bikes usually have a 9-speed cassette, which means that you have 27 gears in total. Most entry-level road bikes are like this, and are great for beginners to learn how to ride on rougher terrain.

    If you have 2 chainrings, and then a 10-speed cassette, you’ll have 20 gears. This means you have a lower range of gears, and will change how you ride.

    When it comes to choosing between more or less gears, it’s about how you will best be able to use your strength. If you want a gear that’s a little easier to use, you may want more chainrings. If you need something more advanced, less gears will be fine. Less gears will also be great if you want to do lots of climbing, but if your terrain is flatter, you’ll be okay with going more quickly using more gears.

    Tyre Clearance

    Tires are one of the best ways you can improve how you ride your bike, and they don’t always need to be super costly either. You need to think about what you will be doing with your tires. If you plan on riding on rough roads, for instance, you want a tire that will have more protection for punctures rather than a tire that will be lighter and faster.

    First, know that you have three types of tires. Clincher tires are the most common on road bikes since they’re so easy to fix if they do happen to go flat. All you need to do is pry off the side of the tire.

    Pro riders tend to use tubular tires, which are similar, but they rely more on tire pressure. They have a good feel to them, but what really makes them stand out is that when they’re punctures, they won’t separate from the rim like clinchers. 

    This means that you won’t be in danger if something happens while riding. Repairing them is more difficult though.

    Finally, you might want to try a tubeless tire, which is what a lot of people use for mountain biking. These tires don’t have a tube at all, and have a strong, comfortable grip for a smooth ride as you go along.

    Disc Brakes

    When riding on bumpy roads, you’ll want to look for a bike option with disc brakes. Having disc brakes means that when you push the brake down, the force will be applied on a smaller rotor, which is situated on the center of the wheel rather than at the rim.

    Because these brakes apply pressure to the center of the wheel, they have more stopping power. This means that you don’t need to apply nearly as much force to get your brakes to stop. You won’t feel as tired then when you’re going on longer rides. 

    They also give you more control over your braking, keeping your braking consistent and reliable so that you never have to worry when you’re rushing along to a mountain path.

    Of course, these brakes are important to have too since they can be used in all types of weather and all types of terrain too. They will stop your bike regardless of what weather conditions or terrain you’re dealing with, keeping you completely safe.


    The size of your bike’s components should depend on you and your size. You need a frame size and seat size that will work with your body shape and height. Once you have the frame size that works for your body, the size of the tires and seats will usually fall into place. Unless you customize your bike, your wheel size will directly correlate with the frame.

    If you’re wondering what size bike you want, you can measure the inseam of your legs and the distance from your crotch (where you will be sitting) to the floor. Pretend that you’re sitting on a bike and see how much space you need to ride comfortably. 

    6 Best Endurance Road Bikes Reviewed

    1. Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycles

    Key Features:

    • Frame is made from high-quality aluminum, which ensures that it’s strong while still being lightweight
    • Includes a 14-speed drop bar that lets you adjust the bike to your terrain
    • The alloy caliper road brakes help with stronger breaking power
    • You can shift between the gears from your handle bars while you’re riding

    If you’re looking for a bike that will withstand everything you have to throw at it, you don’t need to look any further than the Schwinn Phocus. This aluminum-framed bike includes carbon fiber to ensure that it’s strong, along with a high-profile alloy for the rims. There are even paired spokes to keep the tires in good shape, but don’t let the heavy-duty frame and tires fool you.

    This bike is still lightweight despite being strong, with some great breaking power too. You can pull the brakes to stop immediately even if you’re moving quickly, and have gears that you can shift through when you’re moving through different terrains. Just squeeze the alloy crank to change your gears.

    These features make this bike one of the best options for beginners who want a good bike to challenge themselves with, but you don’t plan on really competing.


    • Gears shift in a way that allow you to move between gears without you grinding
    • Alloy rims are strong but the bike it still light enough to lift with ease
    • Go a couple thousand miles on these tires without needing to replace them.


    • Bike only arrives partially assembled, so you do have to put it together yourself, or hire someone to help you with it
    • Problems with a clicking around the breaks, which requires you to send in the bike to be fixed
    • You may want to replace the pedals, since they’re cheaper than the rest of the frame of the bike
    Schwinn Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Adult Road Bicycle, 58cm/Large Alluminum Step-Over Frame, Carbon Fiber Fork,16-Speed Drivetrain, 700c Wheels, Black
    Schwinn Phocus 1600 Drop Bar Adult Road Bicycle, 58cm/Large Alluminum Step-Over Frame, Carbon Fiber Fork,16-Speed Drivetrain, 700c Wheels, Black

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      2. Raleigh Bike Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike

      Key Features:

      • Double-walled rims and premium Strada tires keep you steady while you ride
      • Dually-activated disc brakes are powerful, and can stop even in rough environments
      • Includes Shimano-brand Claris shift controls, which allow you to move on hills and steep inclines
      • Double alloy wheels are strong enough to handle even harsher environments
      • 16 gear combinations mean that you can adjust this bike to your specifications as you ride, keeping you completely safe regardless of where you go

      For a strong bike that can handle any terrain you have in mind, take a look at this Raleigh Bike Merit 2 Endurance Road Bike, which is made with an aluminum frame that is both lightweight and strong. You can lift up this frame if you need to load your bike into your car, but it’s still made to keep you steady if you drive along bumpy roads.

      This is especially true since you have 8 speed shifters with this bike, along with 16 gear combinations. You can adjust this bike to your riding specifications without compromising on your braking or riding power, which comes from the dual-actuated mechanical disc brakes.

      Not only does the frame keep you steady, but the tires do too. They’re Clement Strada tires that are meant to cushion your ride. There are even pedals included with this bike to help with your overall experience.


      • Disc brakes are really reliable and strong, and stop quickly when you press them
      • Bar tape is mostly comfortable, and is a great place to rest your hands while you ride for longer times
      • Easy to rest in a relaxed position on this bike based on its construction


      • Bike feels heavier than other options, and is a little stiffer in rugged terrains
      • The shifts do work and they work well, although they are a little slow when you’re using them
      • Made for shorter rides generally

      3. Diamondback Bicycles Century 2 Endurance Road Bike

      Key Features:

      • Comes with disc brakes, which are made to be firm and stable
      • Taller headset means that the bike stays up, and you can sit on it comfortably
      • Frame is made of aluminum alloy, while you have a Shimano drivetrain for the gears
      • You have 18 speeds to choose from, which means that you can adjust the bike to your own specifications
      • Brakes are Tektro brakes; they’re strong and powerful enough to stop you when you’re moving along quickly

      There’s a lot about Diamondback Bicycles that make them special, and which makes this Century 2 Endurance Road Bike unique. Take a look at the aluminum alloy frame, which is butted with formed tubing that makes it both light and yet highly durable. With the air-formed disc alloy fork for steering, you can handle this bike regardless of what kind of terrain you’re riding on.

      You’ll enjoy the wide-range Shimano gears that offer a good performance and adjustability too. Even if you’re going quickly, the Tektro lyra disc brakes mean that you have more braking power and control, not to mention stability. It helps that the pedals are included too.


      • Structure of the bike and of the gears make it perfect for entry-level riders who want to try out road biking, or for the enthusiast that’s looking for something strong
      • Durability in this bike is impressive; you can use it for years and on all terrains without it wearing down
      • Requires you to assemble it on your own, but assembly should only take about half an hour at most
      • Rides are smooth and comfortable on these tires, even when you’re riding on terrain that’s not as comfortable


      • The bike itself isn’t made to be as aerodynamic as other options
      • Pedals are weaker than you might expect, although they are easy to update if you need once you receive the bike
      Diamondback Bicycles Diamondback Bicycles Century 2 Endurance Road Bike
      Diamondback Bicycles Diamondback Bicycles Century 2 Endurance Road Bike

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        4. Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

        Key Features:

        •  20 speed Shimano Tiagra groupset allows incredibly smoothing shifting
        • Aluminum frame and carbon fork are lightweight and sturdy
        • Includes Shimano gears
        • Frames come pre-drilled for racks and accessories
        • Uses matching parts with Shimano group sets

        If you’re ready to start getting into the wonderful world of read bikes, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bike that gives you as much value as the Tommaso Monza Endurance road bike. The very core of the bike, the frame, is really well constructed.

        The aluminum and carbon combination give it just the right balance of durability and shock absorption. At the same time, the materials keep it lightweight and easy to move around. 

        Here’s another thing people love is the gear shifting. The bike has 20 speeds which is just the right amount, and they’re smooth as any other you’ll try. There’s no momentum shift or awkward grappling when you shift gears. It’s just smooth, reliable speed.

        Of course, they incorporated Tiagra shifters. It’s nothing less than you would expect from a top tier gear company. What you won’t expect is getting this kind of gear in such a budget friendly bike. 


        • Great design that gets compliments everywhere
        • Absorbs shock and vibration very well 
        • Handlebars are comfortable and high quality feeling  
        • Very easy to adjust for rider preferences  


        • Seat is okay, but not very comfortable to use outside of racing 
        Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - White - Large
        Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - White - Large

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          5. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

          Key Features:

          • Includes shallow handlebar drop for added comfort 
          • Comes with lifetime warranty 
          • High quality aluminum frame for lightweight performance 
          • Comes almost entirely assembled  
          • Includes road tires: 25 mm width, 700c tires 

          Most experienced road bikers know that Tommaso makes some really fantastic road bikes. If you don’t, take one around for a few minutes and you’ll see the difference. It’s extremely comfortable, especially considering how most other road bikes feel.

          The cables look rugged and somewhat exposed, but they’re still nice and neat, giving it max sport appeal.  It has an aluminum frame, which makes it really lightweight. It’s still a strong frame, but it’s much easier to pick up speed when you find the perfect downhill trail.

          Another way this bike really stands out was the precision. It’s hard to find a great road bike, at a good price. That also includes some of the best parts worldwide, and some of the most precise riding you’ve ever known.

          Whether you look at this bike, or actually get to ride it, it’s obvious what high attention to detail and care goes into creating this road bike. When it arrives, it’s more or less ready to ride. Basically just stick the seat onto the proper post, slip the handlebars into their bracket, and hit the road. 

          When this bike gets going on a road or trail, the speed is surprising. Whether that’s due to the lightweight, well designed frame, or the Shimano gear and brake system (or both!), it’s an impressive ride to say the least. 


          • Fast enough to compete with more expensive bikes 
          • Easy to maneuver and very lightweight 
          • Comfortable enough to take on longer rides


          • Wheels are good for beginners and intermediate riders, experts may prefer to switch them out 
          Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - White - Large
          Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - White - Large

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            6. Raleigh Bikes Women’s Revere 1 Endurance Road Bike

            Key Features:

            • Specialized aluminum frame and lightweight alloy fork 
            • Features short drop handlebars for added comfort 
            • Includes Shimano Claris shifters and Tekro pivot brakes 
            • Allows for front tire quick release  
            • Expert shifters are seamlessly integrated into the built in bike levers 

            Getting onto a road bike is an effective and fun way to get active. Whether you prefer to go solo on a great nature trail or build commaradie when you group ride and train, this is an easy, but also advanced, bike.

            The frame is definitely one of the first stand out parts you’ll notice about this bike. The double butted tubing gives it a great look and feel, while the aluminum frame keeps it really lightweight.

            The fork is designed specifically to optimize your road riding ability. It’s made with a special alloy to create maximum durability, maneuverability, and speed when you want it. 

            As far as road bikes go, it definitely has one of the most comfortable saddles out there. Which of course, makes it ideal for those of us that start on a short ride and decide to make it much longer. The short drop handlebars are so ergonomic it feels like intuitive design, which is basically the ideal for any road bike. 


            • Extremely lightweight, weighs only 22.6 lbs total 
            • Very smooth shifting and braking, complete precision feel 
            • Ideal performance for beginner road rides as well as group training riders 


            • Sizing is kind of difficult to figure out 
            • Can be hard to reach pedals, other size may be more appropriate

            The Top Pick

            We’ve looked at a good few of the best endurance road bikes on the market. Not every bike performs the same way for different types of riders. Just like you wouldn’t want to buy a bike in the wrong size, there’s a best fit for every different type of rider, and you’ve got to find yours.

            We’re confident that the bikes we’ve included in our list are the best of the best. The best way to find the right road bike is to consider how you want to ride it (at least, most of the time), look at the details you really want, and of course, pay attention to size. 

            If you’re really going to twist our arms, we can pick a favorite, even though the bikes were all pretty great. 

            Here it is: The Tommaso Imola Endurance. It has incredible, top tier gear upgrades, breathtaking speed, and performance that rivals bikes that cost 5x as much. It’s great for beginners and pros, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. That means it’ll take you from beginner to pro no matter what.

            Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - White - Large
            Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, Shimano Claris R2000, 24 Speeds - White - Large

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