5 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 Reviews In 2021

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Nothing beats a good bike ride that keeps you feeling fit and well rejuvenated. Hybrid bikes help you meet your fitness targets as you enjoy the ride. These bikes are handy and economical, which makes them affordable for all.

This article highlights the best hybrid bikes under $500 for both men and women. Inclusive of a guide that will help you to find your perfect bike. Additionally, we have included some features so that you are aware of what to expect when purchasing.

Quick Overview: Top Choice

Our best pick is Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike because it provides the best practicality for daily use.

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike, Mens and Womens, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Black
Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike, Mens and Womens, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Black

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    Hybrid Bikes Under $500 –  Buying Guide

    Hybrid bikes are a combination of traditional aesthetics with an array of thoroughly modern features. With this combination, the bikes are perfect for biking around.

    There’s not so much difference between men’s bikes and women bikes apart from obvious design choices and aesthetics that are pretty similar when it comes to the durability and functionality.

    Difference Between $300 & $500 Hybrid Bikes 

    Deciding on the best hybrid bike to purchase can be strenuous with a wide range of bikes in the market. Choosing between $300 and $500 hybrid bikes can also pose to be challenging.

    It’s worth noting that the higher the value of the bike, the higher the quality. A $300 hybrid bike does not have the best brakes, and they are essential parts to your bike. When it comes to the frame $500 bikes frame is more durable hence providing you with enough support, unlike the other one.

    Frame Material

    The bike frame is among the essential parts of a bike. This is where the wheels and other components are fitted. Frames come in different designs, and the most appropriate for an upright bicycle is one that guarantees the bike’s safety. Frames should be durable, yet light, and this is achieved by combining different materials and shapes.

    A bicycle frameset consists of the frame and fork. When building these frames, they are combined with the fork as a pair. There are different types of frame materials, as explained below.


    Steel is one of the most traditional bike frames. They are readily available, and they are easy to bend and shape, making it easy to mold as desired. It features multiple methods of assembly, which makes steel adaptable to a cyclist needs. Steel is durable, therefore, offers long term riding experience. It’s also pocket friendly, which makes it affordable for all.

    When it comes to entry bikes with steel material, they are made less sophisticated to favor the new riders. With high-quality steel frames, they integrate great design, superior assembly, and better tubbing alloys. Bikes with steel frames are famous for their comfort and responsiveness.


    • Easy to repair after a crash
    • Relatively inexpensive
    • It absorbs shock
    • Has improved durability
    • Provides the best ride due to its comfortability


    • Continuous use makes the whippy
    • They can rust
    • The frame flex makes them a bit slow


    Aluminum frames are generally stiff, which results in a harsher ride most preferred by track racers. It is somewhat brittle, therefore susceptible to failure through damage. 

    They have lower density but possess a better strength to weight ratio that gives them notable weight advantages. It features a design that enhances the bike’s stiffness, which improves acceleration and handling in some circumstances.

    Aluminum frames make the best frames for hybrid bikes under 500$. They are also rust-resistant, which means you can enjoy your ride even during rainy days. When it comes to storage, moisture can form, and these frames are resistant to moisture damage. The light in weight feature makes them ideal for high speeds.


    • Can be very light in weight
    • Its stiffness makes it ideal for proper energy transfer
    • The material is rustproof therefore resists corrosion
    • Enhances comfortability when biking
    • It’s durable


    • Repairing can be quite a hassle
    • The lower end has a harsher ride

    Carbon Fiber

    This is one of the newest and unique material that’s not metallic. It has a fabric that’s impregnated with resin glue to allow shaping and easy joining of the materials. The frame is light, stiff, and durable to offer long term services. Carbon fibers’most significant advantage is that it can be manipulated to provide you with any desired ride needs. It can be built to other beautiful shapes, and it’s also resistant to corrosion.

    Due to the construction of these carbon fiber frames, they are expensive since even the glue is costly. Most frame manufacturers describe this as a high modulus and void-free structure, which tells you that it’s of high quality with stellar construction.

    It’s a popular material as the forks are shock absorbent and further offers excellent handling. If you want a super light ride, then go for one with this kind of frame.


    • Offers maximum comfortability
    • They are rustproof
    • Ensures god energy transfer
    • They are amazingly light in weight


    • They are not long-lasting
    • They are expensive

    Brake Type

    The brakes reduce the speed of the bicycle or prevent it from moving. Front brakes levers must be on the right side of the handlebars while the rear brake lever should be on the left-hand side. Your front brake is to stop you as the rear brake helps you to shave off the speed. There are various types of restraints, as listed below.

    Rim Brakes

    Just like the name suggests, rim brakes have the braking force applied by friction pads to the rim of the rotating wheel, thus slows down the bike. These brakes are actuated by a lever mounted on the handlebar. They require regular checkups as the brake pads can wear down.

    However, available ceramic coating for the rims may reduce wear and improve both wet and dry braking. Additionally, rim brakes include Y-brakes and V-brakes with two brake pads that are fitted on either side of the bikes’ tires.


    • They are lighter brakes
    • The cost is inexpensive hence very affordable
    • You can quickly repair these brakes
    •   Rim brakes are more aerodynamic
    • They are easy to maintain hence very reliable


    • They are less potent than other brakes
    • Their performance may decrease considerably in wet or muddy conditions
    • They wear down, therefore, require constant repair and checking

    Disc Brakes 

    Disc brakes make use of a metal rotator that found on the wheel’s hub and caliper to compress the rotor. There are two types of disc brakes. Mechanical brakes function almost similarly, like the rim braes. These brakes use the lever to increase tension on the cable to compress the pads on the rotor.

    Hydraulic brakes are a little more complicated. Brake fluid housed in the master cylinder is pushed towards the caliper where the pads powerfully compress onto the rotor.


    • They have a higher and mighty stopping power
    • Wet weather and mud conditions do not affect their effectiveness
    • They provide an exceptional degree of modulation that results in smooth and more controlled braking
    • They are highly effective therefore providing a less pulling power required to brake
    • Disc brakes are much more relaxed and do not fade even during long descents


    • While they are reliable, they pose difficulty when it comes to their maintenance
    • Their use for additional equipment the brakes are a bit heavier than other brakes

    The Handlebar

    The following includes the types of handlebars you will find on various hybrid bikes.

    Flat Bar

    These are the most standard types of bars for most bikes. They are entirely flat, although they tend to have a slight bend towards the rider. Their versatility makes them popular among cross country riders.

    Flat bars have a simplicity that makes steering effortless and predictable. You can easily reach the brake levers among other accessories, and if possible, it’s easy to fit different end bar ends to provide extra hand positions.

    They make leaning forward much more manageable and further improve leverage and shifting the weight to the front, improving the tire grip to the road. Getting through doors and corridors is more relaxed as the bars are completely straight. This simple shape allows the bars to be firm with less material.

    Drop Bar

    Drop bars are among the popular bikes due to the balance they cause and their versatility. Typical drop bars have a straight middle section that is similar to the flat bar. The ends curve downwards and towards the rider. Drop bars are defined by how far they can reach with the varying shape of the drop.

    They feature excellent aerodynamics that allows you to tuck similar to the bullhorns. It further provides better leverage for pedaling where you can exert more power to the pedal with much ease in a tuck position.

    Moustache Bar

    Mustache bars are one of the unique bike handlebars popular today. It has an impressive forward steep and sideways mounted road levers kame for the unusual appearance. One best thing about it is that it provides multiple hand positions giving you more options to get a comfortable place.

    They have excellent braking power, and you can ride in an upright position convenient for you to watch out for traffic. Many people prefer having a rise in the handlebar as its more comfortable and gives you more control.

    Riser Bar

    These are mostly flat bars that rise from the center clamp area. They are, however, broader and are essential in trail bikes as it allows you to ride comfortably in an upright position. Being a wide handlebar it gives you more leverage, therefore, making turning more comfortable and requiring less energy.

    The bar allows you to sit further back hence allowing less weight distribution to the front, making them better for wrists. You can give it a negative rise to make it more suitable for climbing.

    The comfort of the handlebars is defined by how you keep your hands and body comfortable. Ensure that you get one that is versatile to use for several purposes. Handlebars also influence how much power should be transferred to your pedals. The aerodynamic feature allows you to decrease wind drag.

    Below are some of the things you should consider when looking for the ideal handlebar for your hybrid bike:

    Handlebar Shape

    The shape of the handlebar allows you to find the best position that matches your unique anatomy. This way, you experience reduced fatigue. The shapes angle should be ideal so that you are comfortable to move your hands freely. 

    Some shapes accommodate efficient position changing, especially with fast-paced bikes. Get one that creates three-dimensional shapes to fit perfectly to your palm. 

    Handlebar Height

    For comfort, the height of your handlebars should be as height as the seat of your bike. They can also be above the position so that you can ride uprightly. Handlebars that are lower than your seat causes more stress on your wrists, arms neck, and back. 

    However, the height can be adjusted to meet maximum comfort by either changing your saddles height or technically the handlebar height.


    Gears are the secret sauce that makes your riding fun and easy because they make everything better by getting the right setup for your needs. For hybrid bikes, gears are essential, of course, with the through of your surface to use the bike. There are different gear speeds.

    Single Speeds

    This one is the simplest gearing option great for flat paths. They are easy to set up but cannot be shifted to adjust to changing terrain. There aren’t many moving parts in single speed bikes like multispeed bikes, therefore easy to ride and require low maintenance.

    Internal Three Speeds

    Most internal gears come in a three-speed variety, but they could also be five or seven-speed options. The best bit about them is that they are stuffed inside therefore protected from damage and weather conditions. They are ideal for casual cruise or relatively flat riding.


    This one is found in the seven speeds gear that is essential for hybrid bikes used for committing, or fitness. Being more giant gears, they are internal; therefore, they have operated a derailleur, an external component that shoves the chain onto different speeds. The derailleur system may require more attention than other gears.

    Top 5 Hybrid Bikes Under $500 Reviewed

    1. Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

    Key Features

    • 7-speed gears
    • Aluminum frame
    • Powerful brakes
    • Big tire size
    • Comfortable saddle

    Schwinn WayfarerHybrid Bike is made of high quality that makes the bike long-lasting. It is built of an aluminum frame, which makes it lightweight yet sturdy. It boasts of an excellent braking system that assures you full control of the bike at all times.

    The handlebar is comfortable and ensures a tight grip even with wet hands. Additionally, it swept towards the back to ensure that your body remains in an upright position as you ride. With its suspension, you can be sure to experience a high level of comfortability.


    • The bike is easy to ride on different terrains
    • It is light in weight hence user friendly
    • You can use it for various purposes due to its versatility
    • Provides maximum riding experience


    • It is not easy to assemble this bike
    Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike, Mens and Womens, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Black
    Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike, Mens and Womens, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Black

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      2. LONGTING Retro 80’s Hybrid Bike

      Key Features

      • 26′ carbon frame
      • Suitable handlebar height
      • Powerful disc brakes
      • Comfortable saddle
      • Free pedals

      LONGTING Retro 80’s Hybrid Bike is a 26-inch mountain bike that entails a single holding brake that enables you to stop or slow down the bike effortlessly. The high carbon steel material combined with excellent welding technology results in a stable and sturdy bike.

      It has a high shift gear that makes it easy to cope with hilly terrain. Additionally, its wide tires on the alloy wheels make it possible to go up a hill and descend. With the comfortable seat, you can ride with less strain hence guarantees you enjoyable riding experience.


      • It is light in weight
      • Powerful brakes enable you to have better control of the bike even under high speeds
      • It does not need to be assembled
      • The bike has a high quality which enhances its durability


      • The wide wheels may lead to slow speeding

      3. Sannysis Hybrid Bike

      Key Features

      • Comfortable saddle
      • Non-slip handlebar
      • 18-inch size bike
      • Easy to roll wheels
      • Carbon steel frame

      Sannysis Foldable Hybrid Bike has light in weight yet durable wheels that promote smooth riding. The bike has a double suspension that ensures comfortability while riding in bumpy areas by absorbing shock. It features a rim that is 26 inches and very safe and robust to fulfill your riding desires.

      Front and rear disc brakes ensure that you can stop and slow down the bike when the need arises or in case of emergencies. With the easy to fold feature, you can easily store the bike without taking up too much space.


      • It is an easy to fold bike
      • Powerful V brakes allow you to decelerate quickly
      • It offers you excellent riding experience with an added convenience in portability


      • Being a folding bike, it can be less stable than other bikes

      4. Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike

      Key Features

      • 21-speed variations
      • 700 C wheels
      • Disc brakes
      • Shimano derailleur
      • Suspension fork

      Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike has an aluminum frame that makes the bike light and easy to manipulate as it picks up. It also has quick to release wheels that make the rolling effortless. Shimano 21 speeds trigger the shifters found on both sides of the bike. The quality of this bike is high, giving you an all in one riding experience. It has been built to take on even the tiniest pebbles on the road, ensuring a smooth riding experience.

      The handlebar of this bike is easy and comfortable to hold even with sweaty hands. Additionally, the saddle available is padded to ensure you have a pleasant riding experience. It has a sporty posture that gives an impression of someone ready to race. The assembly of this bike is effortless; therefore, its time-saving.


      • Available powerful brakes that work effectively
      • It is shock absorbent due to the suspension fork
      • Has excellent speed-changing gears for you to select your desired rate


      • Customers complain that there is a limited adjustment on the handlebars
      Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike, Dual Sport Bicycle, Aluminum 16-20-Inch Frame, Multiple Colors
      Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike, Dual Sport Bicycle, Aluminum 16-20-Inch Frame, Multiple Colors

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        5. Roadmaster Hybrid Bike

        Key Features

        • Steel frame structure
        • Durable alloy wheels
        • Front suspension
        • 18-speed derailleur and shifters
        • Front handbrakes

        Roadmaster Hybrid Bike is a complete package for all your biking needs. It has a super-strong frame structure that is durable, increasing the longevity of the bike. The wheels are smooth, and they help to promote a speedy ride. Additionally, it has 18-speed shifters that help in the continuous changing of the gears.

        The saddle is designed to offer a comfortable riding position. In addition to this, it is a versatile bike as it can be used for adventurous rides, picnics, and parks as it performs exceptionally well in all areas. This bike is ideal for people with 5’4 to 6’2 heights. It means that riders taller than 6 feet can comfortably ride this bike.


        • Smooth tires allow the smooth-riding of the bike
        • It’s a durable bike hence lets you enjoy long-term riding experiences
        • It is easy to use the bike with the change of gears being effortless


        • The handlebars are somewhat problematic


        Hybrid bikes can be a bit pricey, but that doesn’t meet you can’t get a competent and reliable hybrid bike under $500. Each of the above bikes will offer maximum comfortability without compromising the bike’s durability. Though they can be similar in terms of affordability and quality, each of them has unique aspects.

        Our best pick is Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike because it provides the best practicality for daily use. It also makes it possible for riders of all ages and has a high quality that ensures long term experiences. You can proudly enjoy your riding experience with your comfort guaranteed thanks to the Schwinn discover hybrid bike. 

        Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike, Mens and Womens, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Black
        Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike, Mens and Womens, 18-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Black

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