Does Fitbit Track Biking?

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You know as well as I do, goals are very hard to reach if you can’t track your progress properly. Yes, Fitbit has been all the rave in tracking steps and running, but I can tell you right now, that Fitbit can track biking.

We are going to discuss the main benefits of Fitbit for cyclists and its other basic features. We will also mention the benefits of Fitbit for indoor cyclists. 

How Does Fitbit Recognize Biking?

Well, you see, tracking pedals and mileage works a bit differently compared to tracking steps in a day or even your morning run. A Fitbit does still track steps for cyclists. But cyclists should be more excited for the other features Fitbit offers. Let’s check them out. 

What Does Fitbit Track When You’re Cycling?

Yes, Fitbit tracks cycling, but you will never know if you don’t have the cycling feature. Activating bike tracking on your Fitbit is very easy.

  1. Open the exercise screen
  2. Choose “bike” from the list of exercise
  3. Activate it by holding down the button
  4. Enable the tracker to collect additional data. 

With a Fitbit, you can track almost everything you need during your cycling. Continuous heart rate, resting heart rate, GPS routes, calories and so much more. But how does it differ from running or walking? Well, instead of simple steps cyclists like to look at the whole route, and yes, Fitbit offers that.


If you’re a planner, you will definitely want to plan your route before your ride. Plan out the course from the minute you pedal until you reach your destination. By wearing a Fitbit, you can check your route after the workout with the Fitbit app, available in mobile and desktop view. On the intensity map, you can also see your heart rate zones, pace, and other analytics. 

Visual Data

Fitbit offers visual data on both their wearables and on App statistics. Different models will accommodate different displays. The app is available on both mobile and desktop. 

Distance Traveled

While riding, Fitbit will measure the distance you’ve traveled. Fitbit tracks in real time, the data presented is very accurate. 


Fitbit can easily display your pace of how fast you are traveling during your ride. It will then present it along with other data such as route and overall time. With pace, you want to see a lower value, that means you’re spending less time during each mile. 

Elevation Climbed

Fitbit identifies elevation with their altimeter sensor. Generally, a Fitbit can identify 1 floor as 10 feet. On the Charge 4 model, you can track elevation without the help of your phone’s GPS. 

Average Speed

It’s easy to know your average speed. You can get it from the distance feature, and the overall time you spent during your ride. But it’s very convenient to simply see the number. Fitbit displays your average speed during and after your ride. 


Fitbit supports GPS on their gadget. You can still view your route via the App, but you don’t need your phone to view GPS tracked data. Aside from your route, the GPS function can also display elevation, which may be useful for your workout. 

Connected GPS

Even though Fitbit has built-in GPS, some of them still need to be connected to your phone. The GPS between your gadget and your phone is connected via Bluetooth. This is not the best option for cyclists, you will be much better off with a built in GPS. 

Built-in GPS

Fitbit with built in GPS chips are often more costly. So are other brands. When your Fitbit has a chip, you won’t need your phone to track your progress and routes, very practical for cyclists. 

Other Things Fitbit Tracks

Fitbit is a smartwatch first, a tool to support cyclists second. So even though they now support numerous cool features to help all of you bike enthusiasts, you still need the basic features. General metrics and measurements to measure your performance as an athlete, as a fit human being. 

Get to know more about Fitbit’s basic features. 

Heart Rate

Wearing your Fitbit during the ride will lead to some useful data. But it’s actually not a bad idea to keep wearing your Fitbit throughout the day. Heart rate is just one out of the great deal of information you can learn from a Fitbit. Pay attention to your health as well as your fitness. Aside from general heart rate, Fitbit is also able to measure resting heart rate, and different intensities during your workout.

Burned Calories

Fitbit combines the different data it has gathered to display your burned calories data. They use the BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate, which can then be used to estimate your calories. You can measure each cycling session or daily activities. 


Once you activate your cyclist tracking, you can easily measure your duration. Time is a crucial factor, especially if you’re preparing for a race. You can compare your time and beat your personal best. Or create a winning game plan and improve your time over time. 

How Does Fitbit Help Indoor Cyclists?

Not all Fitbit models can track indoor cycling, but most do. Tracking indoor cycling is very easy, but Fitbit won’t automatically track it, especially with the cycling option. You actually have to add spinning to your shortcuts and choose that exercise to track indoor cycling. 

  • Log into your dashboard or app
  • Account
  • Your Device
  • Exercise shortcut
  • Edit your shortcuts to add Spinning

During your session Fitbit will track your calories, heart rate, as well as other metrics, but definitely not your route. Because you’re stationary. 

The Best Fitbit To Track Biking

Fitbit has released several models, but not all is recommended for you outdoor cyclists. Here is a list of some of the best Fitbit worth looking into to accompany you on your fitness journey. In other words, “To empower and inspire you to live a healthier, more active life.”, as Fitbit likes to say. 

Fitbit Blaze

Key Features:

  • Available in large (6.7 – 8.1 inch) and small (5.5 – 6.7 inch)
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Weights 0.09 Pounds
  • Compatible with android and apple products
  • Operates at -4 degree up to 140 degree Fahrenheit

The Fitbit blaze comes with PurePulse (™) and offers heart rate zones, which are simplified and easy to glance at during your workout. It also displays your continuous heart rate. This watch is perfectly compatible to track cycling. But aside from that, it can also track runs, cardio, CrossFit, and so much more. Another feature it offers is SmartTrack. It will help record other workouts automatically and store them into your dashboard, whether it’s on your iPhone, android, Mac, or windows laptop. 

The GPS features on this watch require a Bluetooth connection to your phone. Even though it is not recommended for cyclists, you might still want to consider this option if you carry your phone with you anyway during your rides. 

Other than the cyclist feature, this Fitbit can also track your calories, steps, and floors climbed. It also supports notifications from other apps such as your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, even texts. 


  • Notifies you on emails and texts
  • Alerts to remind you to get up and workout
  • The screen light can act as a mini flashlight
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Awesome heart rate tracker


  • Requires GPS on your smartphone
  • Screen offers tiny text size
  • Sometimes has difficulty connecting with your phone
  • Software is pretty outdated
Fitbit Blaze Special Edition, Gun Metal, Large (6.7 - 8.1 inch) (US Version)
Fitbit Blaze Special Edition, Gun Metal, Large (6.7 - 8.1 inch) (US Version)

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    Fitbit Ionic

    Key Features:

    • Available in 4 colors
    • Offers dynamic personal coaching
    • Able to store music
    • Screen is gorilla glass 3, tough and durable
    • Supports up to 1000 nits of pixels and amplified brightness

    The Fitbit Ionic stands to promote its coaching feature. Dynamic personal coaching, that is what they advertise. You can see workouts on the screen and it will guide you through, it will even change based on your feedback. 

    It can sync with your devices at up to 30 feet. It requires your smartphones to be updated, whether you’re an android, iPhone, Mac, or even windows devices. Using an outdated device, or if you’re standing too far, may cause your sync to fail consistently. 

    Another cool, although slightly irrelevant feature is the fact that it can store music as well as play it. Together with its built in GPS, cyclists can leave for a ride without the need to bring their mobile devices. Although, you won’t get that notification from your smartphone. 

    Their built-in GPS can track your distance, routes, pace, besides continuous heart rate. Aside from the cycling feature, it also supports runs, swims (because it’s waterproof), and other workouts. So don’t be scared about a little drizzle, you already know it can go underwater. 


    • Supports a built-in GPS
    • Water resistant
    • Sleep tracks automatically
    • Supports multiple watch faces


    • Warranty might not always be accepted
    • Experienced difficulties syncing with smartphone
    • Some notification from smartphone is not received
    • Unable to view notification in workout mode

    Fitbit Charge 3

    Key Features:

    • Available in 5 colors (special edition)
    • Tracks continuous heart rate
    • Up to 7 days of battery life
    • Displays notifications
    • Supports setting workout goals

    Yes, Fitbit charge 3 doesn’t support a built-in GPS. Much more suitable for swimmers than bikers, I’d say. But then again, it all comes down to your riding habit. Most people would prefer their phone on them anyway, so no trouble there. I say suitable for swimmers because it’s water resistant until 50 meters underwater. 

    Fitbit is all about promoting a fitter lifestyle, so you may be a cyclist, but are you sure you’re not interested in other sports? This Fitbit is also equipped to track running, swimming, circuit training, and even yoga. There’s over 15 exercise settings for you to choose from. It will measure your calories, continuous heart rate, resting heart rate, and the battery life is also pretty impressive. 

    Another thing you can monitor is your sleep, wake up and check out the stats. It will tell you how long you slept lightly and how long you slept deeply. Your Fitbit Charge 3 can also connect to apps which will display weather, missed calls, incoming calls, text messages and much more. All comfortably visible, although the display is considerably smaller than other models. 


    • Waterproof
    • The bands are easy to use and change
    • Customizable personalized face
    • Slick and slim design
    • Updated software


    • Does not support a built-in GPS
    • Sometimes cannot sync
    • Limited clock faces compared to previous models
    • Errors require constant restart
    Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker, Rose Gold/Blue Grey, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
    Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker, Rose Gold/Blue Grey, One Size (S and L Bands Included)

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      Fitbit Surge

      Key Features:

      • Available in just 2 colors
      • Available in two sizes: small (5.5 – 6.3) and large (7.8 – 8.9 inch)
      • Tracks all day activities
      • Equipped with smart track and multi sport
      • Long battery life

      Fitbit Surge is the first Fitbit ever to come out with a built-in GPS tracking. Even so, it still supports wireless synching with your phone so you can check your notifications. Even though you can’t store your music on the device, you can still control it with your Fitbit. 

      The built-in GPS tracking is perfect for cyclists, you can track your pace, elevation, routes, and split times. But it will also support you if you adopt other exercises. The device will display continuous wrist based heart rate. Track your activities throughout the day, such as steps, calories and more. It also comes with a multi-sport feature. Which means that it’s smart enough to combine exercises if you ever do them. 

      You can easily view your single or combined workout summaries on your smartphones or computers. You can also track your sleeping habit, if you wear your watch to sleep. A cool thing that this Fitbit does, is that it can wake you with a silent alarm. 


      • Has built in GPS
      • Customer service responds to any complaint you might have
      • Splash proof (good enough for cyclist)
      • Excellent heart rate tracker


      • Bulkier design
      • Bands is not durable
      • Has difficulty syncing after a period
      • Battery has issues
      Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, Black, Small (US Version)
      Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, Black, Small (US Version)

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        Fitbit Versa 2

        Key Features:

        • Available in 6 colors (special edition)
        • Support weather apps
        • Support heart rate monitor
        • Tracks sleep
        • Support calendar watch face

        The Fitbit Versa 2 is ultimately an awesome Fitbit for cyclists. It supports a built-in GPS, tracks elevation, and a large view, almost as comfortable as your speedometer. A prominent promoted feature in this Fitbit is Amazon’s Alexa built into the device. Alexa can get you the weather, news, along with other information. Alexa’s installation requires the support of a third party app and is sadly not available in every country.

        Aside from that fancy feature, this Fitbit offers the same basic feature that you would expect. Basic tracking includes heart rate, sleep time, and so on. It also integrates with other apps, not just your Instagram, email, and texts, it also integrates with Spotify and allows you to control music from the device. 

        An all round impressive device but remember to keep your phone close to keep integration and notifications synching properly. 


        • Supports built in GPS
        • Big display screen
        • Very supportive customer service
        • Alexa is on your wrist


        • Not waterproof
        • Trouble integrating with Spotify
        • Trouble syncing
        • Compatible with newer mobile software
        Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
        Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Music, Alexa Built-In, Sleep and Swim Tracking, Black/Carbon, One Size (S and L Bands Included)

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          Riding With Fitbit

          The overall winner, I’d say, is the Fitbit Versa 2. Simply because it’s made suited for cyclists, with its GPS built into the device and also its larger screen display. Another thing to consider is the fact that it’s a newer model and does support fancier features like Alexa, which you might enjoy. Who’s to say that the other Fitbits can’t suit your needs better? Remember to find one that can support your lifestyle. 

          Remember that Fibit’s goal is simply to encourage a fitter lifestyle for all, and I do believe that the first step to do that is by consistently tracking your stats. After that, you’ll know what you need to improve and make your fitness journey that much more enjoyable.

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