Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300 In 2021 Reviewed

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Hybrid bikes combine the best of the bike worlds – casual riding and sport. We will help you learn what makes a great hybrid bike. The best options tend to be over-priced, but you don’t have to sacrifice for remarkable options.

Through our research, we have found some amazing contenders. Here are the top hybrid bikes under $300 on the market today.

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The best hybrid bike under $300 is the Giordarno RS700

Firmstrong Urban Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed Bicycle, 24 Inch Wheels, Pink
Firmstrong Urban Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed Bicycle, 24 Inch Wheels, Pink

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    A Guide to Buying a Budget Hybrid Bike

    Frame Material

    Frames are the skeleton of the bike that bring everything else together. Most bikes are built from three common materials: Aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber.

    Aluminum is lightweight, budget friendly, and offers a smooth ride. Strong and stiff, this material can sometimes feel a bit rough on bounce roads. Modern technology is improving shock absorption issues, so newer models ride much better.

    Steel is heavy and relatively cost friendly. It offers a strong and flexible ride, but can corrode and rust.

    Carbon fiber is more lightweight than aluminum and stronger than steel, but it is definitely more expensive than both. High-end bikes are often built from carbon fiber material.

    Some companies use a blend of aluminum and carbon fiber to cut costs while still using the stronger material where most needed.

    For hybrid bikes under $300, your best bet will be either aluminum or an aluminum and carbon fiber blend. If you need a bit more strength and go for a carbon fiber blend, then you may have to cut costs in other areas since the added carbon fiber will increase the price a little.

    Wheel Size

    Wheel sizes do not vary too widely on hybrid bikes, and the cost is not affected by any change in size. The wheel size itself should not affect your choice too much since most hybrid bikes all have a similarly sized wheel.

    The standard size wheel on hybrid bikes tends to be the popular 700c size. This size will be found on most bikes in most stores, so focus on the type of bike that suits you and your lifestyle and riding style.

    You can find some hybrid bikes with a 26-inch wheel size. These wheels are smaller than the 700c size wheels. If you are on the shorter side, you may want to consider this wheel size. Still, the difference is small enough that you should not base your choice on this.

    Wheel size is a good place to make cuts on if cost is dropped if you are opting for an aluminum and carbon fiber frame combination.

    Brake Type

    Brakes are arguably the most important feature of any bike. If you can’t stop quickly and safely, then it really does not matter how quick your bike can go. There are two main types of braking systems in hybrids bikes: Rim and disc brakes.

    Rim Brakes

    Rim brakes are the most common type of brake for hybrid brakes. These brakes feature a type of pad that will act as a stopper that grips onto the wheel rims when you engage the brake.

    One of the benefits of this type of brake is that you can easily observe when the brake pad starts to wear. These economical brakes are also relatively easy to replace on your own when you notice they are worn.

    Unfortunately, since the brake pad does rub on the wheel rim, you will notice eventual wear on the rim that will require you to replace the entire wheel. If you need to brake quickly, you will need stronger finger power since it requires a bit of strength. Also, compared to disc brakes, rim brakes have less stopping power and are not as effective in wet conditions.

    Disc Brakes

    Instead of the brake pad pressing on the wheel rim like the rim brakes, the disc brakes grip on a brake rotor that is mounted onto the wheel hub. This brake type breaks further down into two types: Mechanical and hydraulic.

    Mechanical disc brakes require manual adjustment from you as the pads wear from use. This means you will need to pay attention to them frequently as you use your bike. Hydraulic disc brakes are stronger on their own and require less effort from you, the user, to get the bike to stop. They self-adjust as brake pad wear occurs, meaning less effort from you all around.

    Compared to rim brakes, disc brakes are more difficult to replace and inspect for wear and tear. Because of this, you will likely need to take them in for servicing instead of managing them yourself.

    However, disc brakes work well in dry and wet conditions and keep you safer. Likewise, they require less finger strength.  

    The Handlebar

    Hybrid bikes tend to be more comfortable the further the seat is below the handlebars. There are four basic types of hybrid bike handlebars.

    Moustache bars on hybrid bikes give you options for hand positions. So if you are someone who changes sitting positions frequently or if you sit more upright, then these are the optimal option for you.

    Flat bars are probably the most common handlebar found on hybrid bikes. They let you sit up in a nice, relaxed position that allows you to have a nice visual field. Being better able to see potential road hazards is a definite plus when it comes to safety. As far as weight goes, these are a bit on the heavier side compared to some others, but they are not too bad.

    Drop bars are more commonly found on road bikes, but it is not uncommon to find them on a good hybrid bike. Since they are placed lower than some other handlebars, you may experience back strain due to the hunched position of your back. Nevertheless, the handlebars themselves are lightweight and the preferred choice for someone looking for an aerodynamic bike.

    Riser bars are commonly found on hybrid bikes as well and extend towards the rider. These give you good control of the bike and a pronounced visual field.


    If you’re getting a hybrid bike, it is going to have gears. Your needs will vary depending on your fitness level and the type of terrain that you intend on tackling the most. For example, riding on flat roads means you won’t need some of the lower gears that are required for getting you up steep hills.

    Single-speed hybrid bikes are common and allow you to coast by means of a freewheel mechanism.

    6 Best Hybrid Bikes under $300 Reviewed

    1. Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

    Key Features

    • Vintage frame looks classy and is great for all ages and style preferences
    • Paddled seat is saddle-style and has springs for your comfort
    • Rear rack lets you conveniently store items and bags
    • 700c tires are great for all riders
    • Hybrid style alloy rims provide a smooth ride on all surfaces

    Schwinn is a household name that most people become familiar with from childhood. Come back to this trusted brand in adulthood with this retro classic Wayfarer beauty. This hybrid bike comes in retro mint green that makes you feel like you stepped right into a vintage home in the late 50’s. If green is not your thing, try out the bright bumble bee yellow that is sure to keep a humble smile on your face. Classic black will be many people’s fallback color choice, and it comes in a less vintage style with a step-over frame.

    The step-through frames on this bike add to its unique vintage appeal with its silver highlights throughout. This is a standard hybrid bike with 700c wheels making this a great choice for any rider.

    The handlebars are swept-back and stylish. You will be forced into a more upright position so your back will not be hunched over. This reduced strain and pulling on your back muscles, so you can ride for longer amounts of time. Street riders or work commuters will benefit greatly from this feature.

    Whether you want to cruise the neighborhood, traverse a rugged path, or commute to work, this hybrid Schwinn bike will have something to offer you.


    • Kickstand is useful and highly convenient
    • Full fenders are tough in any and all weather conditions
    • Created by Schwinn – A trustworthy and known name brand for bicycles
    • Stand out with the vintage appearance and color options
    • The bike has 7 speeds to help manage your rides
    • Steel frame is built tough and heavy for long lasting performance


    • Instructions for assembling the bike are confusing and we recommend finding videos or photographs to help you as well
    • Does not do well on really rough terrain or mountainous regions
    Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike, Mens and Womens, 16-Inch/Small Steel Step-Through Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Light Mint
    Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Hybrid Bike, Mens and Womens, 16-Inch/Small Steel Step-Through Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, Light Mint

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      2. RALEIGH Detour 1 Comfort Bike

      Key Features

      • Functional and strong steel frame and handlebars
      • High handlebars make for a comfortable ride
      • Alloy V-Brake works quick and keeps you safe
      • 7 gears allow you to get up hills and go where you need
      • 700c wheel size provides a smooth and steady ride through most terrains

      Raleigh Detour 1 is a hybrid bike made for riding in comfort for longer distances. Perfect for the commuter or city riding, this bike is sturdy and tough. The bike is reasonably priced for its sturdiness and its unwavering agility. The steel frame allows the price point to remain firm and fair, but keeps the bike itself lightweight and comfortable.

      Your height will determine which size bike you should purchase, so make sure that you get your measurements and get the size that fits best with you. Someone who is between 5’4” and 5’7” would do best with the small sized bike while someone who is 5’10” to 6’1” should go for the large size. This will ensure that you will be the most comfortable as you endure long commutes through the city.

      Like the frame, the well-crafted handlebars are also made from sturdy steel. The high position of the handlebars keeps your body in a comfortable posture for your neck and back.

      Detour 1 has 7 back gears and 1front gear that will allow you to get up hills and cruise as you desire. Meanwhile, 700c wheels keep your ride smooth and unaffected by bumps or resistance from rolling. Traction is good and keeps you safe in slicker conditions, although you should still make proper safety judgments when riding in slick conditions.


      • Bike assembly is relatively easy, even for beginners as long as you follow the provided instructions
      • Raleigh is a trusted brand that makes great products at a reasonable price
      • Size guide seems to be accurate
      • Tires have puncture protection so typical street debris won’t leave you stranded and broken
      • Built for your comfort all around with a comfortable saddle and grip


      • Does not feature the front derailleur
      • Its steel construction can make it a bit heavy for some
      • Not built for intense mountain biking or street racing, but great for long-distance street riding
      • Doesn’t come in a whole slew of colors or design options

      3. Kent Springdale Men’s Hybrid Bicycle, Black

      Key Features

      • Lightweight aluminum body gives you a smooth and quick ride
      • 21 gears keep this bike true to its hybrid title
      • 60mm travel front suspension fork keeps the ride comfortable for you on all sorts of road surfaces
      • Solid rear rack is convenient and supportive
      • Alloy quick release seat post clamp

      Kent Springdale hybrid bicycle looks sharp with its shiny black frame and matching coffee brown seat and handlebars. The gold lettering along the frame pop with the brown in the seat and handlebars while the silver spokes and rear rack bring everything together with an eye catching “wow.”

      Appearance aside, this bike is still worthwhile contender on this list with its lightweight aluminum frame that is hand-crafted for optimal perfection. Alloy makes up a majority of this special bike; including the stem, linear pull brakes, and rims. This ensures that the bike is strengthened where it needs and lightweight where possible.

      Hybrid bikes need to be versatile in order to accommodate the rider’s different adventures. This bike really lives up to the hybrid titles with 21 speed Shimano twist gear shifting. This allows for easy adjustability up and down hills, through your neighborhood commute or across more rugged terrain.

      Of course, with diversity that allows for recreational and commuting use, you have to have awesome stopping power. And the Kent 700c does not disappoint there either. Linear pull brakes work quickly, giving you the confidence to ride how you want knowing that you can stop on a dime.


      • Crafted from high quality materials
      • The brakes are highly responsive for immediate stopping power
      • Convenient extras like the rear rack and seat clamp make this bike stand out amongst others
      • Adjustable up and down hills with many settings for those who need the variety
      • Well-rounded bike for the price


      • Over time (months of constant use) the gears seem to shift out of gear
      • Perfect for those who commute and ride for hobby, but constant long rides will wear the bike out quicker
      • Assembly can be difficult for a novice, but it is easy to find a cheap service to assemble it for you

      4. Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike (Top Pick)

      Key Features

      • Aluminum frame is lightweight and durable
      • Steel fork adds some rigidity to the bike and keeps it strong
      • 21 speeds make this bike suitable for all sorts of various activities
      • Flat handlebar is great for more aggressive and fast riding

      This Giordano RS700 looks and fits the bill for the standard hybrid bike. It does not have some unique niche or casual appearance that sets it apart from others. Instead, this bike has the appearance of a standard road bike with an eye-catching color scheme that is both practical and attractive. Red, black, and white colors combined together to create a classic look that can be enjoyed by everyone.

      Getting in shape or even commuting to work are ideal tasks for this hybrid to accomplish. Flat handlebars adjust your body into an aggressive stance for extra speed to get you where you need to be and for that extra boost when pushing yourself uphill. To help you tackle those city hills are the precision 21 speed Shimano shifters.

      The ride is quite smooth, but it’s a little heavier. This makes the bike fit its hybrid namesake perfectly so it can handle various activities with ease. Your morning commutes and other adventures won’t need separate bikes which makes this the perfect for the average user.


      • Fits the hybrid namesake perfectly and great for use on work commutes or cross biking
      • The frame is lightweight, but adequately heavy for longer rides
      • Assembly is easy and will not require you to hire servicing experts
      • The flat handlebars set this bike apart from the others on this list


      • Extreme rough terrain is not appropriate for this bike
      • Tire wear is quite common so you will need to keep an eye on this
      • Routine maintenance on braking ability and gear usage can be tiring, but it is important to do on all bikes

      5. Vilano Men’s Hybrid Bike 700c Retro City Commuter

      Key Features

      • Vintage look with attractive brown stitching in the handlebars
      • Water bottle mount great to keep you hydrated
      • 7 speeds adjusted with a twist grip for ease
      • Linear pull brakes work quickly with little effort on your fingers
      • Sturdy steel frame

      Vintage bikes with modern technology are all the rage, obviously. The Vilano hybrid bike brings another vintage design to our list and it is a looker. Classy black frame with silver peeking throughout with the attractive brown leather seat and handlebar grips to bring the look full circle.

      This bike is budget friendly but does not lack in the features department. The rear spring loaded rack is strong and can hold plenty of cargo. Hydration is always important when doing cardio heavy activities, even when exercise is not the main goal, so the water bottle mount is a nice addition – especially for those of us who often forget to keep up with their water intake.

      Twist grip shifter with 7 speeds is useful and will get you plenty of places and up and down those city hills. Meanwhile, the linear pull brakes have powerful stopping power to keep you safe while traversing roads with all those box vehicles.


      • Sturdy steel frame is durable and long-lasting for optimal performance on various terrains
      • Functionality not ignored over appearance – both are top notch
      • Spring loaded rack in the back is a great place to load up your belongings for work or school


      • Replacement parts are difficult to find
      • The rear derailleur is susceptible to damage

      6. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

      Key Features

      • 1 speed
      • Pedal backwards for braking
      • Great for people who are shorter (4’5” tp 5’2”)
      • Oversized seat is comfortable
      • Wide handlebars

      This lovely Firmstrong bike is made with ladies in mind. Its simple design is cute and the assortment of pastel and strong colors gives you so many options to choose from. The frame is curvy and unique, which sets it apart from many of its angled and straight edged equivalents. Hands down, this bike is attractive.

      Looks aside, this bike has all the qualities one needs to get from point A to point B. While it won’t tackle cross country riding or up-hill racing, it is nice for a neighborhood commute or even casual exercising.


      • Amazing color choices
      • Great price point
      • Simple bike for those looking for a casual ride
      • The seat is cushioned and comfortable


      • Best suited for flat and smooth roads and short rides
      • Does not fit the hybrid title as well as some others
      Firmstrong Urban Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed Bicycle, 24 Inch Wheels, Pink
      Firmstrong Urban Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed Bicycle, 24 Inch Wheels, Pink

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        After reviewing several bikes and understanding what makes the best hybrid bike, we have to say that the Giordarno RS700 is the best hybrid bike under $300. It has the looks and fits the title. 

        For those who want a ride that will get them to and from work in a breeze, this is the ride for you. Likewise, this bike is wonderful if you are looking for something that quickly picks up speed and is great for exercising and long-distance riding. 

        The flat handlebars angle your body for maximum comfort when riding on the road, which this bike was built to tackle.

        Hybrid bikes are the best bet for someone who is looking for a combination bike with multiple uses. It is the best bike for your money, and this list will help you save your money even more. While we recommend the Giodarno RS700, we think that all the bikes on this list are worthy of their spot and your time. Have fun and safe riding.

        Firmstrong Urban Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed Bicycle, 24 Inch Wheels, Pink
        Firmstrong Urban Women's Beach Cruiser Bike, Single Speed Bicycle, 24 Inch Wheels, Pink

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