Best Hybrid Bike in 2020? We’ve reviewed the top 6 Available

This guide will help you determine what features will suit your riding style so you can buy the best hybrid bike for you.

Products Reviewed In This Guide

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are a mash-up of many different features, and you can create the ultimate bike for you. With such a wide range of uses, it will be beneficial to hone in on your preferred riding style and what features will benefit you.  

Type of Material

The frame is essentially the skeleton of your bike. Whether you want to power through mountain trails or traverse busy roads to get to work, the frame of your bike matters. Three main materials are used for the bike frames: Steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber.  

Steel is the heaviest option. However, steel is strong and provides a smooth ride. Steel is durable and was the most common material used for bikes in the past. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and budget friendly. This is the most common material used in modern bikes.

Carbon fiber is the priciest option, for good reason. This material is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. High end bikes tend to be made from carbon fiber. For hybrid bikes, this is the superior option if you want the best of the best for all activities.

Size of the Wheel

Hybrid bike tires come in a wide range – from size to chunky tread. Overall tire size is commonly 700C, although you can find some 26-inch tires for mountain biking. The 700C size option is great for most hybrids users since this is a neutral size that is great for most activities. These are designed to handle all road conditions and can easily handle pavements, bumps, and uphill travel.

Narrow tires are great for speed, while thicker tires are better suited for rough terrain. Tires can make a world of a difference in your riding experience, so make sure that you get one that suites your riding style.  

Design of the Handlebar

Handlebar choice plays a major role in your biking adventures. The handlebars can affect comfort, speed, aerodynamics, and how much power you can apply to the pedals.

Your handlebars should be set higher than the seat for the most comfortable ride. However, for those who are looking for speed and might, something more linear will be better for aerodynamics.

There are a few different handlebar options that you should consider.

Flat Bar

Quick handling and lightweight, flat bar bikes are the sportier version of hybrid bikes. Picture your typical road bike, but with flat handlebars.

Due to its lightweight frame and strain reduction on your hands, wrists, and shoulders., these handlebars are great for fast commutes or recreational fun. Racing fans or those who bike for fitness will also find flat bar preferable in most cases.

Riser Bar

Riser bars extend upward a bit and aim back toward the user. This allows for enhanced visibility since you are sitting higher up. You will have greater control of your bike and its movements with this type of bar.

Drop Bar

Drop bars allow you to be more versatile in your riding techniques on a hybrid bike. They are lightweight and aerodynamic, so they are great for rough terrain or commuting to work. The position of the bars allows you use several different riding and hand positions.  

Moustache Bar

Moustache bars are similar to drop cars; however, there is less strain on your back due to the decreased level of drop. Sitting in a more upright position will help your back while still allowing you to adjust your hand positions.

Brake Type

Hybrid bikes use either V-brakes or disc brakes.

Disc brakes utilizes brake rotor that is mounted to the wheel hub, brake pads grip the rotor for braking. Mechanical disc brakes need to be manually adjusted as the brake pads wear down. Hydraulic disc brakes that are stronger and self-adjusting for natural wear and tear.

Disc brakes give you more overall control and are more effective in wet and muddy conditions.

V-Brakes are mounted near the wheel rims. When engaged the brake cable pulls the arms down, which brings the brake pads up against the rims. Brake pad wear and tear is easy to observe with these brakes. It is also easy to replace worn out pads.


Suspension is not typically included on hybrid bikes. Suspension adds weight to the bike, which can make pedaling and steering less efficient.

Front suspension forks are installed on some hybrid bikes to help absorb impacts. This is beneficial for those who ride on rough terrain or streets. Those who want a smooth ride all around, may want to consider front suspension as well; however, it is not necessary unless you plan on riding bumpier roads.

 6 Best Hybrid Bikes Reviewed

1. sixthreezero EVRYjourney (men & Women)

Available for men and women, this bike is hard not to fall in love with. It has a really nice classic design that you’ll be proud to sport everywhere you go. You really can go everywhere with this bike too. Where a lot of commuter street bikes have only one gear, that can make it tough when you need to go over grass or up a slope.

This bike actually has 7 speed levels, so you can use it for casual easy riding, or take it to explore some new terrain. It’s comfortable to ride, even for long periods, and seems to relieve the strain that a lot of other bikes put on your muscles. 

Key Features:

  • Wide range of suitable riders (fits 5 feet tall to 6 feet 4 inches tall) 
  • Can be used for many terrains, allows for 7 speeds 
  • Allows for comfortable stance both when riding and standing 
  • 26 inch diameter, 1.95 inch width on tires 
  • Sleek, curvy design and metallic paint 


  • Gives a very smooth ride 
  • Saddle is much more comfortable than most bikes 
  • Really attractive design and color  
  • Easy to ride over grass and gravel 


  • Customer service isn’t optimal, could be improved  

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2. Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

Schwinn has always been a winner when it comes to producing fantastic bikes, and we’re happy to say that the Wayfarer hybrid bike continues the legacy. It has a neat vintage look, but the big bonus you get with the design is the handlebars. They aren’t rigidly forward like you see on most modern bikes.

They sweep back a bit, which takes most of the tension off your back and shoulders. It gives you the best parts of a street bike and a mountain bike, and combines them together. It’s surprisingly adept at helping you get up hills, and has seven speeds to make you comfortable and in control no matter where you’re riding. 

Key Features:

  • Schwinn rear derailleur for better control on slopes 
  • Seven speed shifting capability for riding anywhere 
  • Handlebars sweep back to offer better posture 
  • Includes linear pull brakes
  • Steel frame is durable and designed to allow riders to ‘step over’ comfortably 


  • Really comfortable, highly recommended for people with back or neck issues 
  • Vintage design is classic and stands out from other bikes 
  • Great value, plus a lifetime warranty  
  • 7 gears are great for flat terrain or hills 


  • The seat is OK, but not very comfortable

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3. Retrospec Beaumont-7 Seven Speed

This Retrospec Beaumont bike has a step through frame, which makes it much more convenient if you’re looking for your ‘everywhere and everything’ hybrid bicycle. That’s because when bikes have a higher fork, it’s not always so easy for riders of every age and size to mount.

That’s especially true if you’re someone that commutes to work, and needs to keep their office outfits looking smart when they show up. It has front and rear brakes too, which make for better control, especially paired with the RevoShift shifters. They’re easy to grip too, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught riding in the rain. 

Key Features:

  • Convenient step through fork design makes it adaptable for more users 
  • Front and rear alloy brakes offer better stop control 
  • Special RevoShift grip shifter makes changing speed smoother and easier 
  • Includes fenders and a rear rack for carrying items 
  • Hi-ten steel frame is light and tough 


  • Easily one of the most comfortable and convenient hybrid bikes 
  • Very easy to achieve precise control 
  • The saddle is soft and cushy feeling   


  • The brakes need to be adjusted before riding

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4. Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru City Comfort Hybrid Bike

If you’re looking for a bike you can use whenever, for whatever you need, then the Retrospec Venus Dutch bike should be at the top of your list. It has all the chrome and sleek retro design you could ask for, without sacrificing comfort or function. The step through frame is a nice bonus, since it’s a great fit for any type of rider, and it makes mounting a no hassle deal.

The chrome headlight is a definite stand out feature, not only because it looks cool, but it also helps if you’re riding when it’s dark out (or in winter when you need extra visibility). As a bonus, the frame really absorbs shock; that’s a big win when you’re on a rough road.

Key Features:

  • Vintage retro design and accessories (even includes a bell and light) 
  • Includes chrome head light for better visibility
  • Step through steel frame is built for durability 
  • Uses special commuter tires 
  • Includes both front and rear caliper brakes 


  • Rides very smoothly, even over rough streets and gravel 
  • Includes retro style accessories (leather hand grips, bell, basket, head light) 
  • Very comfortable when mounting and riding  


  • Paints wears more easily than other brands 

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5. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes for Men and Women

Here’s another winning hybrid bike from Schwinn: the Discover. True to its name, it really does beg to be ridden everywhere, even on an adventurous nature ride. While it definitely is a hard worker, it also includes things that are important to casual riders, as well as commuters.

For instance, the swept back handlebars. You still get the utility of a tough bike, but with a more ergonomic design that won’t leave your back aching. You can even adjust the stem to get a better fit. Here’s something you wouldn’t expect though: the grip shifter. It’s a 21 speed shifter, so you get exactly what you need for the terrain you’re riding over. 

Key Features:

  • Includes aluminum city frame and suspension fork 
  • Grip shifter offers 21 speeds 
  • Adjustable stem and saddle for the best fit 
  • Features swept back handlebars to reduce back tension 


  • Adjustable, making it more convenient for riders of all sizes 
  • Really nice to have 21 speed grip shifters 
  • Strong, durable frame and fork 


  • Handlebars start higher than others (some riders love it, others don’t) 

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6. Raleigh Bicycles Redux 2 City Bike

This Raleigh bike is really lightweight; it actually might surprise you how much of a difference the aluminum frame makes. While it might say it’s a city bike, it’s really a bike for any rider on any occasion.

If one of your top concerns is finding the ultimate multi-use bike that will last for a long time, this bike fits the bill. It has a somewhat mountain bike-esque feel to it, but you can tell it’s designed to function just as well on the street. In short, it’s everything you need and it keeps things easy on your part.  

Key Features:

  • Features disk brakes for better stop control 
  • Lightweight aluminum frame and handlebars 
  • Includes 9 different speeds, hassle free gears 
  • Designed like a mountain bike for street use 


  • Impressively lightweight and easy to carry inside when needed 
  • Very precise steering and braking 
  • Manufacturer provides excellent customer service  
  • Very balanced and stable, absorbs vibration and bumps 


  • More of an investment than some other street bikes

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How to Choose the Best One for You

Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned pro, hybrid bikes will bring something superior to the table for you. Hybrid bikes are relatively neutral and great for all sorts of terrains and riding styles.

Speed and controlled turning can be obtained with the right handlebar purchase. Meanwhile, those who want to traverse the mountains in all their muddy gloriousness will benefit from front suspensions and disc brakes.The world of biking is yours for the taking with the right hybrid bike.

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